Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Enough of this slimy business.

So you got me to confess after all then! You guys are pretty good... too good. (Note: I've only had 5 hours of sleep- I'm not making excuses, seriously!) However, to gross you out (muhahaha) I might as well finish the picture story with the last two picture. How about a caption competition?

'Creature x's break for freedom!' (Rubbish I know- that's why I thought I'd offer it to the house!)
Consider that my revenge. Ahem. Well some may call that smile ball a slug- I call it a yeerk. I can't help but be fascinated by it! How it got into my dad's car remains a mystery- I'm sure my Uncle had something to do with it since he was the first to spot it! It's trail that is. After some investigation by Major Beans, we have good reason to believe that the yeerk was planted in the car overnight. Who the target body was, we don't know. Last night the yeerk escaped from it's prison compound and we were unable to interrogate it. Investigations are still pending, and our search parties are still out there. Our suspicions suggest that the target may have been Bean's dad. Thankfully, we managed to sabotage the yeerk's plan before that happened. Or did it happen?! Dad has been missing for a day now..... mysterious indeed.

However, there is no reason to panic! We believe that only one yeerk remains on this planet and soon it'll be in our hands. The little so and so somehow crawled into that little space! We all thought it was dead, and so my dad was going to get it removed. Yes, my Dad drove the car whilst that evil Yeerk relaxed. Gives us more reasons to suspect some foul play. Why did my dad not insist on getting rid of it straight away? Has this creature evolved? Does it have more powers? Now you best start panicking!!! (let me know when you calm down).

Eventually, my dad did get sick of the yeerk getting a free ride all over town and not paying a penny. Attempts using the screwdriver were cunningly dodged by the evil creature, and so it was a small stick that eventually drove it out! Interesting indeed. Maybe we should switch tactics! My dad poked it a few times with the stick and it started crawling out. This was when everyone went mad. Well actually it was just me and my brother there since we'd just got back home! My brother was told to get some paper. I was told something, but instead I ran upstairs to get the camera. (:o). In my absence my brother had stupidly got a small paper and so my dad dashed inside and grabbed the card. Operation Yeerk liberation was a success. Rejoice men, for tomorrow we're going to get that little piece of slime back. It was actually quite weird! And yes I've been grossing all the teletubbies out by showing them the pictures as well. :( [Sad face because I think by seeing the pictures the yeerk might have taken control of their brains!]

I had to get that slimy tale of my chest, and consider this the end of it. Well unless the yeerk resurfaces that is! I woke up early today because I had to return some library books back to the university library. Drat- my plan of no one wanting any books in the holidays has failed miserably. That didn't stop me from getting two more! (Well I've got to keep low on the buying front so borrowing it is.) I resisted the temptation to visit my office. :( I believe we said our goodbyes last time. :D Didn't want to put myself through that emotional turmoil again, and of course I thought of you guys as well! (You obviously don't want to be reading another post about the mss building!) I seriously do miss lectures and the hustle and bustle of going from one to the other. Call me a freak, but I'm itching to get started again? Maybe if we started earlier we'd have more time to cover stuff ... Yes, I jest. That's unlikely! Nothing beats active learning, books are good but getting myself to do things is indeed a difficult task.

Another reason why I didn't go to that building was because of ER. (three points for the correct guess. ;) ) The provisional ones have come through I believe, but we can't be told of them. This is frustrating since I previously had reason to believe that on Monday, after the exam board meeting we'd be able to get our results. Same procedure again I must confess- I keep on checking my emails and well.... I'm anxious to know how I did in Linear Algebra truth be told. (I know that I messed up and want to know how badly!) It was the first exam after all (I try to console myself.)

Oh and I've just remembered to mention something (thanks to Jake). Comment moderation will probably, annoyingly, be on for a while as a precaution. :) Sorry to make you suffer like this, but it's only for a week or so. It's not like I'm going to be anything but checking my emails in the next few days, so hopefully it shouldn't be too much of a hassle.

I have a question: My brother is in year seven and he's pretty ok at maths. He claims that he doesn't like it (due to a teacher) but he's ok in it. How do I go about encouraging him? I mean I want to help him but what do I effectively 'teach him'. What's the limit? (the sky I hear!). I do want to push him from an early age since that does make a lot of difference later on. Do you think doing Sudoko's or Kakuro puzzles is good for ones brain?

Anyway, this randomness will end on a pleasant note. (I hope). I at least feel that I can post random mumbo jumbo like this after posting about induction this morning! Tomorrow hopefully I'm going to go back to square one. Watch this screen. (That sounds so .... *shudders*.)

In my defence I've yet to have my cup of tea. Here are some pictures that I have just taken a while ago:
I don't know why but I like this one. (I took the right hand side bit with the camera upside down!)
The moon playing hide and seek.

Anyway, to summarize: Yeerk wars are over, I haven't got ER yet, started reading Fermat's Last Theorem (interesting) and Dad's not really gone missing! Oh and comment moderation will be on for a while without me doing any moderation that is. Why I'm feeling particularly jolly I have no clue! Honestly- it's 11pm and I feel electric. (BTW that is my favorite metaphor ever. Surprisingly my first time using it in this blog! Whenever I do write stories, I always have the sentence, 'the sky was electric' or something along them lines! Why- because in year 5 when we were doing Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory, I got 3 house points for my work which had that in it. Yes I'm easily pleased!) Oops I just gave the game away. (Is it that obvious that I've forgotten what I was going to type? :( )

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