Friday, June 15, 2007

D.I.Y update

Don't worry, I've been alive and well. Actually not really well, but I'm still alive. You see I have a problem with my tonsils. In primary school, Miss S told me to get rid of them!! Well she told me to get them removed, I mean I can't just get rid of them. However, being in year 4, and hearing of stories of other peoples tonsils I didn't get mine removed. Today I believe it's recommended that you don't get them removed! So basically my tonsils are messed up to be blunt. They're worse when I've got the cold or flu, because it's really embarrassing during lectures when I'm coughing for my life! Enough of that biology- although Mrs. H did say to me that I sounded like a smoked 40 cigarettes a day, I like my tonsils the way they are! (That was when I'd lost my voice, and still refused to shut up!)

I have no reason to be stressed out, however as 'results day' looms I am becoming worried. Actually that's an understatement. I'm pretty darn nervous about my results- all because of a dream. If I was to say, from the three exams I took, which I believe I did OK in, I'd say sequences and series. Apart from writing: 3x3x3=9(!) and not checking everything, that paper went okayish. The papers which I'm sadly not confident about have to be Linear Algebra and ODEs & mechanics. Having missed out questions from both, I'm equally worried about my results. However it seems that I may have got it all wrong. A few days ago I had a dream... I nightmare that I was resitting sequences and series exam. It was abnormal for I recall that the library was in my house, and I was too relaxed. In my head all I was thinking was, 'I can't be bothered with this exam, I just sat it recently'. I honestly remember looking through my file and the comparison test was what I was complaining about. It seems that I remembered the stuff from the first time I sat it, and my dream self was complaining because I was bored of revision. Arthur and Bella were there if I remember correctly! So that explains why all of a sudden I'm nervous about my results. I hadn't really thought of them before, but an email asking us to confirm our address has also put me on edge.

Don't worry it's just me this happens to. Yesterday I ran the theory of why I always tend to sleep at 3am past my mum- I think it's because when it's 3am I really am 'tired' and have no chance of thinking before falling asleep. You know how it is- sometimes you toss and turn for ages, all sorts of thoughts going through your head-before you finally nod off. By making sure that I'm really tired, I eliminate that! She wasn't amused, but I've noticed a pattern. I did the same thing after my GCSE exams, although then I used to play championship manager until the early hours. I did the same thing after my college exams and now, once again I'm doing the same thing. (is it that obvious that I'm looking for excuses!)

Anyway, that's enough preamble for now. Ironically, now that I have no exams, homework etc I'm posting less than when I did have a lot to do! One would think that during the holidays I'd probably post more, however during term time my room wasn't a war zone. Now it is. It's not been possible to post for the past few days since my computer has migrated to someone elses room. I only prefer posting on the blog on my computer, since the family computer is a war zone as well! OK excuses over- now to the DIY.

I have been showing my face to civilisation in the past few days, and I return with no scars. Woohoo.(Homer Simpson style!) Fixing ones room is indeed a difficult task. Well beans fixing a room is difficult. Like I've said- I have the unique ability of making a trivial task look difficult. Starting from the beginning, the wallpaper was completed on this day. After that I'd thought we'd all have a day off and relax etc. but other people had different plans. The boxes with all my stuff are temporarily residing in everyone elses rooms- they wanted them out ASAP. Unfortunately the next day the new wardrobe arrived. It was in a box and needed assembling. This didn't go down to well with me being in a relaxing mood. I wondered what life used to be like when my old lovely room had existed, and it had been good! (BTW I can hear creaky noises outside.Not getting creeped out, but if anyone is in my garden they better get out!)

So we persevered and we have constructed my wardrobe. First a few complaints. Why don't they label each piece of wood, rather than a few? Rather then shoving all the screws etc into one big packet, why not put the same ones into smaller packets first? That'd make life a lot easier, and will make sure that you don't use the wrong screws! [Why can't they be assembled for you...!] Also, the instructions were not very clear. I'm not the only one who complained about this (we did it the wrong way round first). Now this is the second time that I have dared to 'construct' such things and it seems that I have a few tips for you if you dare to try:

  • If you're using the hammer, make sure that YOU hold the nail and not someone else! Also if possible wear gloves that are made out of such a material that a hammer being banged on your fingers, doesn't cause you any pain.
  • Regarding point 1- avoid hammers if possible, they're dangerous.
  • Screwing is the most easiest thing to do- if possible take your time and screw slowly. This way, by the time you've finished screwing, the days probably over, and you're spending so long (and so much effort on screwing) that someone else will probably have to do the other jobs. :D (There's always next time)
  • Count the number of pieces as soon as you open the box.
  • Follow the instructions as best you can! We had a conflict, since I tend to want to read over everything first and then get started. However the others just wanted to get on with it. That being said, the instructions are there for a reason (especially for the inexperienced).
  • Never use the palm of your hand as a hammer. It hurts and if your hand increases in size due to this- it's your fault!
  • Two people are better than one.

The wardrobe looks neat now that it's complete, but boy was it hard work piecing it all together. It requires a lot of patience indeed, and thankfully I was alright in that department. (Well apart from the few accidents with the hammer and using the hand as a hammer, I didn't mind the task.) BTW when I say painful, I mean it on this occasion! As always, the finished product makes one forget about the pain one went through and the feeling of delight is apparent. You'd think that this would deserve a rest, but nope that wasn't to be.

I can't seem to remember what happened on Tuesday! :/ The doors had yet to be fixed on, but I left that to more capable hands (i.e. mum and dad!). That's all I remember about Tuesday! I know something happened on Tuesday morning, since we fitted the doors at night. Ah well- it can't have been that important! Wednesday morning I was back outside in search of storage boxes and various other things for my room. No bed means that I've lost a lot of storage space, and so all my folders etc needed a new home. Wednesday was a mixed day. The morning was great-I'd located the boxes I'd needed and had also visited the maths section in my local library. (One exists, and has a 'small' wide range of books!) I was also rather embarrassingly singing, 'dancing,dancing...' whilst looking for a book! (That song had been on in another shop, and it had stayed in my head!). The embarrassing bit was the woman who was sat there reading a book, with the 'this is a library' look. (Just remembered the darn chorus of that song, and thankfully now all I can remember is that one word!)

However upon coming home things went messy. I confess that I have a lot of stuff, but a lot of the stuff in my room that had been stored under my bed hadn't been mine! I was sick of this drama. My desk was non-existent. The floor invisible. My patience gone. I was frustrated. I wanted some sort of order to return, but the progress was rather slow.

In terms of my anger/temper I have a very long fuse. It takes a lot to get me really mad, and I believe this is because I have small outlets. (When doing maths, playing video games, watching/playing football etc). I have two types of 'angry'. One a 'blind rage'- very rare indeed (the only time I remember being this angry was when someone stole something of mine in the first year of college!). The other is a more controlled and determined anger. The one that builds up slowly and you can feel it. Like when you ask someone to do something and they make a big hoohaa out of it so you end up doing it yourself. The second one is pretty handy. It's more of a result due to frustrations building up. Everyone laughs, that they only time that I can be made to do 'proper' (pfft) work is when I'm in this second state.

Naturally last night I was annoyed. All I could hear was 'get your boxes out of my room'! So I first proceeded by making space in my room and then carried all the boxes back to my room! Now no one has any reason to complain, but it's funny that had I been in my normal mood I wouldn't have got them moved as quickly as I had. (I did say that I haven't been feeling too great!) Anyway before you think that I'm some crazy loony (if you're not already that is!) then let me assure you, thankfully my fuse is indeed very long. :D I think it's important to have small outlets, since it's inevitable that frustrations build up inside you.

Wow- I've talked about my tonsils and about what I'm like when I'm angry! What next? Next is my bookshelf which I bought today! I'm rather happy with this. It's great. I even managed to assemble this myself, apart from when I needed another two hands! All my maths books fit on which makes it a beauty. Although Noddy did remark that it seems like I haven't got many maths books! (That signals that I need to get some more). The main reason I was happy with the shelf was that it meant that boxes are emptying. I'm hoping to have the room complete by the weekend, and maybe that might just happen. Tomorrow is going to be a long day indeed.

This post has just been about agenda 1. I've not really had much else to do because of it and I'm eager to move on. I haven't even got the energy to look forward to my birthday! (I believe that my mum fixing my room is her present. Maybe that's why she has been so eager to get it finished?) Anyway, I got another maths book today -Mathematics a very short intro by Timothy Gowers. You see my Dad doesn't know the magnitude of my book collection, and well one could say I have had a few birthday (books) presents from him already. Hehe! Finally, I don't know how many of you do Sudoko, but I happened to come across Kakuro on Wednesday. Not done one yet, but they look pretty interesting. Morning.


egm said...

On following instructions, I very rarely read the manual. Unless I get hopelessly stuck. Only exception was for the camera I got, since it's a complex beast that I need to master.

Thanks for the Kakuro headsup!

beans said...

I'm glad you told me that! I had to read the manual first which was why my parents were getting frustrated! (Hey, they've done it a million times before- it was my second time!) *note to self: no DIYing with egm :D*

Trust me reading manuals can be useful. Especially, like you say, if its for something complex and new. At least read the basic outline- you can always look at extra settings when there is a need.

No problem- I bought a book full of them for a quid!

egm said...

Half the fun is in figuring stuff out by yourself! That's why for the most part I don't read the manual right off the bat. Only if I want to know more about something in particular will I reach out for one and read it. Again, the camera is the exception to the rule that I follow...

beans said...

I agree- the camera is an exception. However when it comes to shelfs, wardrobes etc, I'd rather do it once than twice. :p

egm said...

You've got a point there. Having to remove nails and unscrew stuff cause you put something together the wrong way isn't exactly fun.

beans said...

It's annoying that's what it is- and possibly painful in my case!

If only the folks saw it that way! It's an old myth- that in my house, we don't rest until a thing has been done twice. :p