Thursday, May 10, 2007

What a day 'of' can do for you.

Today I didn't have any revision lectures or supervisions, so I obviously stayed at home. Previously I once tried going to the university library to revise (first semester sometime) but I'm not sure how 'effective' that was. I did some revision, 'got bored', and didn't have much to do in my 'break'. The library is a good place to revise, since there are some places where you can sit and no one will ever know you're there! That's not always a good thing, but when you crave for the silence it's there. Maybe I didn't have much to do when I was bored, but my breaks were notably shorter when I revised in the library!

Don't worry, I actually did do some work today, but as always I feel it was not enough! The main thing is that I've stuck to my plan. The idea was to do series today, and it has been a struggle indeed. Honestly, something more weird than normal is happening inside my head! I thought that I was 'ok' with sequences, but today I couldn't seem to find the limit of a sequence! I wasn't a happy bunny I'll have you know. Even thinking about sequences now gives me a headache- I feel that I've forgotten everything to do with them! All them 'tests', rules, theorems I just seem to have had a brain freeze. The bad thing is that my brain is still frozen. Do I blame series? Maybe just a little, but even though I've had enough for the day, I'm going to have a quick skim over the sequences chapter.

The silly thing is that the exam is next Friday. If it was Monday then I'd be happy- not because I like exams, but then I won't have to keep on worrying about 'forgetting' things. One could argue that if I learn things properly then I wouldn't be having this problem, but I think it's just a confidence crisis and serious amount of 'convergence tests' overload! The worst in my opinion at this moment in time is the integral and modified integral test. I've been having a field day trying to make sense of the notes and one thing today saved my life! Too long to go into, but inside I was screaming a massive thank you!

Yes this is all I'm going to do- complain about series and sequences! I have an even longer list of questions for this week, since some of the questions from last week remain to be answered. (Oops). What remains to be revised is the 'alternating series test' (and absolute convergence) and the bit about power series. I can do the questions on power series, since it involves using the ratio test, but I'm a bit slow on the theory etc. After these two topics are complete then I can hopefully safely say that I have revised sequences and series, and after doing the problem sheets, past papers and learning the proofs I'll be ready for the exam! BTW I don't intend to learn all of the proofs- not the big ones anyway. There are some which I do differently but have decided to do them as the lecturer does them which possibly will require learning a few steps.

All is not doom and gloom. I have finished my report for the workshop and so today was the last time I'll have used LaTeX 'formally'. That's a relief to be honest, mainly because it means no darn reports or courseworks for at least 4 months. My document got slightly messed up when I resized the image, but apart from that it looks impressive. I mean, to squeeze it onto a certain amount of pages I made lots of thing {\small small} but it still looks cool! (I must stop using latex commands in my posts, but I can't help it.)

Tomorrow I will hopefully finish series of, recap sequences again and get started on the Linear Algebra. :( I think my heads hurting because I've worked more today that any other day of the past few weeks! Some people are able to jump from subjects but I have to finish one subject completely and then move onto the other one. Although I wasn't very disciplined today, I'm hoping that I'll slowly get a routine going.

Indeed I felt relaxed today, and not as stressed as I have been of late, but I'm strangely looking forward to tomorrow. Have my reasons which will be disclosed tomorrow- just hope my plan works! BTW isn't it annoying when you forget what you were going to type/say. Well probably not for you since you're hoping that I'll stop typing, but I'm annoyed!! Gah.

What I did today, when I should have been revising- edited pictures that I've taken:
The original is here, not very interesting I must admit!

*Yes I was pretty bored, and the original of these two are here and they're not very interesting! (click to make bigger)

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