Tuesday, May 15, 2007

So it begins again.

Yes, I have better things to do in my time than worry about politics, hence why this is a short post!

Gordon Brown the next prime minister maybe, seems to be taking an interest in maths! Are you taken in by his words? I'm not too sure myself. The words of my secondary school English teacher spring to mind, 'I can see you as Prime Minister beans'. I hope you didn't choke on whatever you were eating then! (That was after I'd done the 'I have a dream' speech by Martin Luther King, in a competition and won!). Alas, I was a young bean in year 9 and took her words to heart*. Hope you've recovered now, but seriously, at least my speeches will be more fun and 'mathsy'. However, I'll save the 'absolute convergence' line until I'm elected (don't want to scare the voters). ;)

I'm sure I'll have your vote...right? Give me a couple of days, whilst I ponder on a way in which you can answer that question which ensures that you vote for me! (I'll be a good maths \sout{dictator} ahem leader...). Since I'm being dramatic I may as well continue by saying that if you don't vote for me then be afraid...very afraid. Erm.. that's enough dramatics for a post. I'm afraid that my plotting will have to wait till the summer holidays, but I'm open to any ideas or suggestions! Bleh- have to mention Dexter's Laboratory, that little dude has just got himself a new job. (don't tell Didi!)

*to a small degree of course!

(maybe to be continued on Friday!)

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