Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Smile :)

Firstly I must comment on what difference a good nights sleep does for a person, or for a bean. I mean I did intend to wake up 'early' and get some work done then, but alas my snooze button came to the rescue. (and then instinctively I turned the alarm off- cool, especially since I did this in one motion in a zombie like state!).

{\edit Before this post gets filled with football- I hate the Teletubbies! They don't let me watch football. I hate hate hate hate power infinity them. I mean it's Chelsea against Liverpool. I managed to watch the first half, but the second half is where the actions happening! How often to you get to watch a great game of football on ITV without having to have five heart attacks in a space of 90 minutes. Humbug!}

Today was interesting in more than one ways. The end of the semester looming makes me sad indeed. I can't explain why, I mean I don't mind the holidays but four bloody months is a bit too much... right? :o Obviously I do want the semester to end, since these exams are really bugging me. Milo scared me today by saying that they start in 2 weeks! I hurriedly corrected him by pointing out that they start in about 2 weeks and 3 days. (The 3 days makes me feel slightly better indeed.) The silly thing is that if we didn't have exams, then really I wouldn't want the semester to end. I mentioned this offhandedly to Fizz and Milo, and they seem to think otherwise. I guess it's different for them since their families are down south. I mean there is this other reason which is making me nervous at the moment. I have to be vague it's something which I have no control over. I feel like I'm going to lose something in these holidays, and for me the magnitude of this loss is enormous, whereas to certain other people it isn't.

Gah- forget it. I'm not helping myself by continuously blabbering about it. I guess the best train of thought that I can adapt is to cross that bridge when I come to it. Although at the moment since I haven't told anyone about this problem, it's going to be a lonely walk. I have to have at least a paragraph groaning about exams and stress, so please do forgive me. When I complain to the teletubbies, they seem to think that I've been working so what am I worrying about? Sigh. Worry not though since this is hopefully the only depressing part of this post. Mentioning that other darn thing has my heart racing, which is why I shall avoid doing so from now on.

Moving on, today it was the last ever Maths workshop lecture. This is what brought up the thought of not wanting the semester to end! I was actually well behaved today and surprisingly alert! I mean I remember that a tree has n vertices's and n-1 edges. Impressive. (although it's not much to remember, remembering it is the bigger issue).

Before I get bogged down in giving my thoughts on that course, I will move on. (I'd rather comment on all the lectures after they've all finished.) So today something interesting happened- I seemed to meet other maths students who cared about lectures and maybe maths. I'm not sure whether they were as obsessed as me about it, but it was encouraging to see. I mean today was the first time in ages that I didn't hold back in terms of talking about maths lectures and my take on them. Maybe for a second I thought, 'shut up beans- you're freaking people out alert', but I managed to brush of the weird stares and continue. One of these students seems to also care a lot about doing our degree because of the MATHS, not for the sake of doing a degree!

It was interesting, but like I said maybe I showed that I cared 'too much'. Nevertheless, my freakishness aside, it was nice talking to these people and one person also agreed with me about yesterday's mechanics lecture. (i.e. that it was the best so far!).

Inevitably I'm going to talk about Linear Algebra. This post is slightly rushed since I'm annoyed at not being allowed to watch the footy. I guess I can always ask Prof S what he made of the second half! (Don't tell him I said this- otherwise he'll probably not be seen again :D ) Now as I was talking to Noddy about today's lecture, he commented that he would hate to be in a lecture with me. The reason being that I said that I don't like people talking during lectures. Now I'm not the type of bean who goes around telling people to 'sssh' because I like my teeth* the way they are! But I am entitled to making a tally chart on the side about how many times such people annoy/distract me. As I said earlier- I was wide awake today and this is what one hopes for during a lecture. Now there's a group of guys who always sit in the same place and have a habit of talking. Today one had a certain problem with a 'can' or empty bottle. You can guess what this person kept on doing and it was annoying. I mean what the heck do you get out of making funny sounds with bottles/cans? So basically these people talk during most lectures when I happen to be nearby. (I guess they do it deliberately when I sit nearby!)

There is also another person who sometimes talks with his friends. Now you see I don't mind them talking- what I mind is the fact that I have to listen to them talking and never shutting up. These two different people talk in most lectures however sometimes they may not. But you know the first people you'd look towards are them. Now you see in todays lecture Prof S asked about the football. Makes me glad that the Tweenies are not into football, since after a show of hands the audience got 'distracted'. I muttered something to Milo about who's playing and something about how Wednesday is going to be a rough day, but that was about it. The lecture continued, as did peoples conversations. The second guy I mentioned above was shown the door today. Did I do a small cheer? Not really because all I was thinking was, what would it be like for me if I was kicked out! Not very nice, so I hoped that this dude would 'learn his lesson' and not talk next time. (Wishful thinking I suppose).

Five, ten minutes passed and someone walked out (they weren't chucked out). Why they walked out I don't know, but it was the dude from the group I mentioned first, and he walked back in with a can of red bull! That had me amazed for a while, but he then proceeded by talking whilst sitting down. (I think the can was there because they could have lost the first one?) So obviously Prof S heard him, and out he went. That's two in one lecture! I'm going to make sure that I sit at the edge all the time, since if you sit in the middle and are asked to get out then it's worse! (not that I'm hoping to be kicked out- but one has to prepare for the worst I suppose :D). Now the problem I had with these people talking is that they also distracted the lecturer. That's plain annoying because we didn't manage to complete the proof. Obviously it will (hopefully) be completed tomorrow, but the little black box wanted to be drawn. :(

OK, I'm not being serious there, but these people are really inconsiderate. Like I've previously said, I'm not perfect. I might have an occasional whisper, but I never have a conversation. Sigh. I guess some people never learn. Something else embarrassing happened but that was to do with me. I drank tea today at 1pm should say it all. (I don't normally drink tea during the day at university, however today it was free... and erm I'm a student so....) And I got to make it by myself- I hate drinking tea from the machines, it's nasty. Two sugars and milk was just great. I mean that cup of tea was the best I've had when not at home, so it deserves a special mention. Alas it seems that my body wasn't particularly pleased by me drinking this fantastic tea. The end of the Linear Algebra lecture was slightly uncomfortable is all I will say!

We had our final group work session today and it was good in terms of me making a fool out of myself. I mean I was bouncing about and well everyone else was slumped (apart from maybe one other person). It was the last ever group work session- they could have at least been happy! You'd think that they were upset it was over. Ok maybe I'm just trying to justify my more than abnormal behaviour today but I didn't manage to run and jump to touch this high ceiling! (managed it and thankfully no one was about!) Woohoo. Erm... do remember that I am six and turning seven so this is indeed an accomplishment. (I managed to do some of the problems, however they were plain weird.)

Since I have brought up my age, I might as well mention something else that happened today. Previously I said that Prof S told me that the dentist was more important than his lecture (sniff!) and today I gladly told him that I'd changed the date of my appointment. I have a problem with the dentist from an early age, where they once brought tears to my eyes, (seriously) But since I was such a strong bean, and my dad was also there, I controlled myself. :D OK, that's too much information but even though it's just a check-up, and important as was discussed today, I can't help but not like the dentists. As I was telling Prof S of my bad experiences with the dentist (on the way to my office) I said, 'when I was young ....'. Prof S then said what do I mean when I was younger! I thought about telling him about how I define my age- maybe tomorrow- but I got lost in thought for a second. You see the downside of having my age as a 'group' or in S_25 is that you lose track of how old you actually are. Maybe he'll be able to help refine my 'definition' of my age? Ah well I concluded that I was young when in primary school, so that'll need tweaking as well!

A final question for you, or maybe this is pointless, but yet I will persevere! What in maths is qualified to check my teeth i.e. what in maths would I turn to, to get my teeth checked? I nice big sticker saying 'I've been to the dentist' for the correct answer. (You can have the one I get from my visit. Remember people- always take the stickers. If they're not offered- ask for one or maybe two!)

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