Friday, May 25, 2007

A 'muhahaha' moment.

It seems that no matter what I say to myself, I can't seem to 'not' post. Today I had really not intended on posting, however something happened (as always) which has resulted in this post. (In my defence my intentions were to check my emails!).

So as always, meal times are a loud affair in my house. The teletubbies have much to say, and well I don't exactly sit there quietly.

First a riddle, posed by Noddy (I have my suspicions on where this came from, but will later check and let you know!).

'I have something which weighs 'nothing', and is very small. If you put this thing into a barrel, the barrel becomes lighter. What is this thing?'

Ponder on that, and let me know whether you get far. Noddy was very smug as we all struggled, but at the same time my brother was complaining about Einstein! I don't know why, since erm.. my brother does tend to talk some nonsense at times (wonder where he gets that from!). Anyway, I rose to Einstein's defence with the comment, 'Einstein's ok- it's Newton you've got to watch out for!' (sorry Mechanista!). My Dad then rose to Newton's defence, and so I was humbled and conceded that Newton had done great things. My Dad then obviously expanded more on Newton, but it seems it was only me who was listening. (Lala and Po were still trying to solve the riddle).

My brother then once again went of another tangent and asked me formulas of chemical elements. I was slowly zoning out, and so replied monotonously. I mean, once again going on my A Levels, I'd say I'm 2/7 a chemist, so I wasn't exactly put off when asked for the formula for nitric acid, and hydrogen fluoride. Now once again it was my turn. I said, 'Newton's gravitational law isn't very nice', in the way which one does when one wants to invite the audience to ask 'why'. I waited. And waited.... and.. well no one asked why!!! As always, I'm not one to back down, so a couple of minutes later the same phrase was repeated by myself. Hoping that someone would blimmin say 'why'. No such luck again- it seems Noddy's riddle was causing every one's ears to ignore me! (They tend to do that when I mention anything to do with maths).

So I in turn decided to sit quietly and watch everyone struggle with the riddle. I didn't actually bother thinking on it for long, since it's either you know the answer or you don't! Obviously once again I opened my mouth, 'Are you all deaf- I said that the gravitational law is not nice so why are you not flippin asking why?'. Lala, is a lost cause but still no one cared. I maybe was told to shut up and no one wants to know, but things like that are so small that they're ignored by me. I didn't shut up is all you need to know, and after some time when I realised that no one was going to ask, 'why', I proceeded to tell them why. It was the whole thing about if you have two masses, M_1 and M_2, then the magnitude of the force on M_2, due to M_1 being present is proportional to (M_1xM_2) /r^2. (where r is the distance between the two.) Yes I've been revising, and things like this is pretty interesting, so I was trying to share them with everyone. :D

I didn't get a chance to finish, but they got the gist I hope! It was that darn riddle I tell you. Anyway- no one managed to get it, and the answer was 'unexpected'. I'll share it with you in a few days if no one manages to guess it. Then it was round two. We'd all finished eating by now, and my brother, well he likes to come out on top so to speak. He went 'running' (haha) to his school bag and came back with a paper. This paper:

Throwing it onto the table, he 'challenged' us to solve it. My brother was 'mocking' us. He even said to me that since I like maths it'd be darn embarrassing if I didn't find that number. Obviously, as you can imagine, that made me more determined to solve it. (In the back of my head I was thinking, if I don't solve it, I could always post it here!).So he continued taunting and mocking me, saying that we'll never solve it, and Noddy started guessing, '1, 2, 3, 4...'. My brother soon realised this and started saying no to each number. No he felt generous and told us that the clues on the paper. I just sat their, silently, as he mocked me, observing the box above.

Now I'll add my train of thought as to what I did at the end, since you might read it before having 'a go'. Obviously you might have already guessed the number, but still....! Since I'm not posting for help, one could say that I figured the number out. If only I could have taken a picture of my brothers 'shocked' face! Hahah, I can't help it. He seemed so darn smug, and well I did slightly rub it in (obviously after explaining to him how I did it, which he didn't seem to care about). That should teach him. I'm going to go downstairs in a minute, and erm... immaturely 'rub it in'. Should I grow up...maybe, but trust me, these are the times which we look out for in my family. The times when my brother embarrasses himself- he's only in year 7 btw. :D

OK, I'll stop 'gloating' but it was indeed a hilarious moment. Onto mechanics now- didn't quite finish it today, but isn't it depressing when one 'forgets' how to integrate and when one doesn't 'exponentiate' both sides of the equation! But still, things make more sense now which is good, but then again I can't answer the questions!

I first tryed to look for a pattern, but straight away my brain seemed dead bent on congruences/ modular arithmetic. It took me a while (since I'd been unsure whether it was an addition or mulitpliation table, so stupidly was asking Po what 7x12 was!) but slowly does it . This resulted in a wrong guess, but then I realised it was mod__. And then the muhahaha'ing started! I didn't realise the 'clue' but I got the answer, and well the only person who seemed to listen to me blab about modular arithmetic was Noddy. :/ Hurrah.

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BTW the answer to the riddle is- 'I am a hole'. :D