Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Final Update...

OK... just letting you guys know I'm still alive, and seeing how much I can type in 12 minutes! I spoke to Milo today, after his crazy text made no sense whatsoever. I must say that helping Milo calm down (we're both spaz heads!) helped me to feel much more calmer too. I mean, I was slightly panicky but talking to Milo helped a lot. We've got to look at the big picture as Noddy told me. We have 8 modules in total which give us the overall grade- not one.

How do I feel about the second half of the Linear algebra course? I wish I could say confident, but alas that'd be lying. I've given up learning the proofs, and have instead tried to at least know what's going on. To be honest it feels pretty great, since I understand some stuff and stuff makes more sense than it did before. But as always I can't ponder on this great feeling because as 'important' it is to understand the concepts, ultimately I have to be able to answer the questions. I think I've 'dodgily' memorized most stuff, but I'm not confident on being able to recall the stuff on linear transformations. The ultimate property of vector spaces: If we have a finite dimensional k-space V, with the basis B={v_1....., v_n}, then for any, but not necessarily distinct w_1,.....w_n \in W there exists a unique linear transformation T:V -W such that T(v_i)=w_i. (i=1.....n).

Well that's how I've remembered it anyway! Probably wrong, but I'm trying to make sure that I know the theorems with names since there's a higher chance of being asked about them. For eg, the rank theorem for a linear transformation... haha I bet you thought I was going to go of on one and try quoting it! One's enough for me I'm afraid.

What remains to be done is the problem sheets, past papers and questions from the book. Is that possible? Well I'm hoping to be up at 3am and will firstly do the problems for the second half of the course because that should drive home the message hopefully. Not going to look at any questions now, since that was the reason for my panic yesterday. After the problem sheets I'll do the past paper, and then problems for part 1 of the course. Leaving them at the end, since some of the problems are a bit 'tedious' and I've done some of them already a few million times. (not!).

Praying like mad is another option, but I'm thinking that the reason I've been panicky is that I've not entered exam mode, and hence haven't done 'concrete' revision. It's more of reading the notes and that's all. The quote Maths is not a spectator sports seems to prickle my brain- we'll soon find out what kind a player I've been. :\ Times up. D-day is upon us....aaahhhhh. (yet I'm posting! That's just so you guys know that I wasn't feeling suicidal before the exam... if something is to happen that is!) Good night i.e. time to print of question sheets!

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