Monday, May 21, 2007

Computational Science and the Ratio of Perimeter to Area

Hmm, just spotted this on the maths website whilst I was trying to do anything but revise!

Distinguished lectures organized jointly by the MIMS and the School of Mathematics and addressed to a wide mathematical audience
Forthcoming Events
2:00 pm. Pariser Building, Room C016


Computational science and Engineering is a mixture of scientific computing and applied mathematics (and more). I will describe specific topics from a basic course in this quickly growing area. I hope there will be discussion of what is essential and whether a unity of presentation is possible - or if every subject has to go its own way.

I will also present a problem in plane geometry, to find the maximum area with fixed perimeter. With no other constraints, the Greeks knew that a circle wins. If the set must lie in a square, the solution changes. this leads to a continuous form of the "Maximum Flow-Minimum Cut Theorem" and there are applications of many kind: medical imaging, landslides, traffic flow,... There are also unsolved problems: What set inside a cube gives the least ratio of surface area to volume? (We also hope for a new approach to the original isoperimetric problem).

Gilbert Strang's home page


Don't worry, although I'm tempted to 'turn up' I realise that its not the place for me to be! I think events like these are not for undergraduates, but mainly aimed at postgraduates. So in this case, I will force myself to 'not want' to go. I mean it's about engineering and computational sciences- the two things which I hope to avoid in my maths degree! But on the other hand it does sound interesting... (I'll keep you updated on what happens. :/)

Sigh. Milo's not going to be around then, so it's all for the best. Why can I not make myself do some mechanics?! BTW I was depressed the other day because United lost in the FA Cup final. I'm over it now, because I think we didn't exactly play like we wanted to win. Matches like that have me wanting to come out of retirement! Chelsea might have played 'negatively' but in the end of the day they won the cup. Must not grumble - at least we won the league. :D


egm said...

Don't you just love how easy it is to do everything else other than what you need to be doing at a particular time?

beans said...

:( I can't say I love it, but I do hate it! And the thing is that I can't seem to stop doing 'everything else'!

I keep on thinking that I have a week, so all is good but that's when everything goes horribly wrong!

(I don't want to come out of this exam like the stats one.) Sigh.