Thursday, May 03, 2007

Chicken chicken chicken

From the Unapologetic Mathematician, I discovered the best post ever! Dare I say it's a matter of what kind of person you are to be amused by this, but you have got to watch the following video to the end. (Don't want to spoil the ending!).

Is it just me, but that presentation is one of the few which I've watched that have made perfect sense! I mean, I felt like he was talking to me!

PS: Incase you don't follow the football, it was the reason for my depression last night. I'm feeling better today- got to think of the next game as always!


Jake said...

Haha, the words of comic-book-store-guy: Best.Powerpoint.Evar

Jean-Noël said...

Yes, but to really appreciate the presentation you need to see it while reading the paper that goes with it:

Chicken Chicken Chicken: Chicken Chicken

beans said...

That paper tops it up! Just fantastic. :D

I guess thats what we guys sound like when talking maths to non-mathsy people! Or when we're talking amongst each other, to the 'amazement'/'fear' of others.

Have we just found ourselves the new language of maths? :D I mean a lot of the text book seem to be saying 'chicken, chick chicken' to me at times! :D

I love the ending when questions are being asked!

I love it! :D

egm said...

That was indeed hilarious!