Monday, May 07, 2007


Initially I was going to wait until we received the trophy to make this post, but I can't wait that long. I mean there's nothing wrong with making another post then is there?

Now to answer egm's question about why many Manchester United fans were supporting Arsenal yesterday.

With three games of the season left, you could say that we had a five point advantage over Chelsea and the title was as good as ours. But in football you never know what could happen and with three tough games coming up I was worried. However on Saturday we beat Manchester City in the Manchester derby (ugly game but we won was what matters!), which was one of our three games. Chelsea played Arsenal on Sunday you see and as things stood, they had to win to stay in the running for the title. Like Mourinho said, it was still possible, since our next game was against Chelsea. But if Chelsea drew or lost against Arsenal then the cup was ours- finally! Hence why you would have probably found many United fans supporting Arsenal. (although a few united fans were pretty confident of beating Chelsea this Wednesday so weren't too concerned about Arsenal).

I hope that answers the question. :D Chelsea drew yesterday so 'we are the champions'. It feels great BTW. I mean this is one cup which I've really been desperate for us to win. Losing against Milan was heart breaking, but this has made up for it. The last time we won it was in 2003 I think, it's been a while. Wooo hooooo. To all the non-football fans reading this, I apologise, but we're the champions! :D

The initial title of this post was going to be depressing (Twice in a week...). But thankfully upon answering the question I feel better. It's pretty hard to explain what this bean is feeling right this moment. The football was celebrated yesterday and will be always celebrated for a long time. I mean it does feel great. I now feel that I wish that I was more into music, so then at least I could find a song to describe the clouds. The changing faces of the clouds to be precise. The sky was beautiful today, and as I sat in the car, I looked upon the clouds for answers. It's equally beautiful at night sometimes, and you sometimes find more questions that answers from the sky.

You're probably wondering how old is this bean! I mean I probably don't sound like a six year old (as I claim to be!). Anyway, today as I wondered, I thought to myself what would life be like if we weren't able to think for ourselves. I mean when we're young, we don't really know what we're doing and tend to go with the flow. When you're seven or eight, or maybe younger, do you remember ever feeling the weight of things on your shoulders? You're told to eat your food, and unless you're having a tantrum you eat it. What if now when 'technically' speaking I'm 18, that life was as it was when I was 'really' six. I mean what if I was told to do a certain thing and without thinking I did it. I didn't question what to do. Nope, no questions whatsoever. I didn't want to do something else, but I ate my food the way I was supposed to.

Obviously this is just me rambling to myself. It's just that at this moment in time that seems a welcome solution. Then I wouldn't have to think about throwing in the towel. I guess it's unfortunate that when someone was throwing their toys out of the pram, I happened to be there. My reflexes fail me sometimes, but I think the toys have safely stopped falling. But the pain stays for a while doesn't it. There's lots of 'significant' things happening around the world, which I am ignorant of. Everyone lives in their own bubbles.

Another past time hobby of mine, (one can say) is that sometimes I watch people walking on the street and think whilst at the same time I'm doing something, they're equally likely doing something else. I mean lots of cars drive about, each with a different destination. I'm just writing random things at the moment, but it's 'interesting' in a different way the way all of us are doing are own things and there are so many of us as well! I'm probably not making much sense, but looking outside the window things always seem rosy. Once outside the cold chill reminds you that things were actually better inside. That is what I'm trying to say to myself. Things are rosy inside, well compared to the outside that is.

In secondary school we had a cool teacher, who stuck the following on our wall and made us all sign around it. It was great because it made my class feel like a 'unit'. I like it- has a nice flow to it, and I remembered it today so decided to post it!

We wish for us....

Comfort on difficult days
Smiles when sadness intrudes
Rainbow to follow the clouds
Laughter to kiss our lips
Sunset to warm our hearts
Gentle hugs when spirits sag
Friendship to brighten our being
Beauty for our eyes to see
Faith so we can believe
Courage to know ourselves
Patience to accept the truth
Hope to complete our lives.

Why do I continue by posting silly things here. Well the teletubbies seem to think that by now stuff like this shouldn't bother me. I should be used to it. I am used to it, but it still bothers me. It makes me sad. I've told Milo (slightly), but at this moment it's unfair that I worry him with trivial matters like this when he has his own worries about the exams. That's what really bothers me now. A bank holiday and I saw myself revising. I can't see myself doing that anymore. Well it is a holiday so I might as well enjoy it. Gosh- you wouldn't believe that yesterday was a fantastic day would you!

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