Wednesday, May 09, 2007

As instructed by MATLAB...

A quick post- I couldn't resist. I feel better today BTW, but no longer am I going to talk a lot of preamble. Although I have a post in mind which requires some of your thought, and I'm sure you won't disappoint! Mark the 22nd May and x June on your calendars! :D

OK, so I received the following email today and I'm sure you're all going to find this interesting so have fun reading it!

"Please join us for the 2007 MATLAB World Tour. This full-day event will feature keynotes by MathWorks senior staff, technical presentations and demos, and in-depth master classes. Whether you are new to MATLAB or you use it every day, you’ll leave with new knowledge and ideas you can start applying immediately. All sessions incorporate new materials and new demonstrations featuring the latest functionality.

22 May – Leeds
23 May – Oxford

Roy Lurie, Vice President for MATLAB Development at The MathWorks, will speak on “MATLAB Today.”

* Applying statistics and optimization techniques for data analysis
* Developing video and image processing algorithms
* Distributed and parallel computing
* Simulating signal processing and communications systems
* Deploying MATLAB applications to .NET, Java, and the Web

Master classes, for new and experienced users:
* Advanced programming with MATLAB
* Introduction to parallel computing with MATLAB

* A Lab area where you can try out the latest features
* Technical experts on-hand to give advice and support

Details and Registration
Register now for the 2007 MATLAB World Tour. Participation is free of charge. A detailed agenda and registration information are available at We look forward to seeing you on the tour.

Kind regards,

Louisa Ashworth
Marketing Communications

PS: Please forward this invite to colleagues who you feel would benefit. :D
© 2007 by The MathWorks, Inc. MATLAB, Simulink, Stateflow, Handle Graphics, Real-Time Workshop, SimBiology, SimHydraulics, and xPC TargetBox are registered trademarks and SimEvents is a trademark of The MathWorks, Inc. Other product or brand names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.

The MathWorks, Ltd. - Matrix House, Cambridge Business Park, Cambridge CB4 0HH. Tel: +44 (0) 1223 226700. Registration Number 3444214

Headquarters: The MathWorks, Inc, 3 Apple Hill Drive, Natick, MA 01760-2098, USA. Tel: 001 508-647-7000"

Aren't I a considerate bean- I've even posted the contact details to save you the bother! Haha, well if I do manage to 'drag' myself there- do say hi. Oops it's on the 22nd May and I have other arrangements on this day, and as do you guys! (ahem) So it's a hit and miss from me then. (I'm not sad really- just erm easily amused I suppose). :D

Post feed may be slightly messed up- had to correct some spelling errors, can't believe I spelt someones name incorrectly! :o

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