Monday, April 30, 2007

Strictly Increasing

Yes the reason behind this post is quite 'sad' actually. I didn't really intend to post anything, since today has been difficult in more than one ways! However to make the posts per month a 'strictly' increasing function i.e., I posted this. I looked to the definition of my age which prompted me to add three dots after the a_n. But alas, I thought to myself what if once my age stays the same and it doesn't go to the next number in the cycle? Possible of course, hence the sequence of posts per months is a finite sequence. (Fortunately for some!)

Let's not worry ourselves (myself) over matters like that- they make ones head hurt. One could also argue that I could manipulate the post dates so that forever I have a strictly increasing function, but where's the fun in that. *coughs* I mean, you don't want to be reading the same posts over and over again do you? (If you do, just drop me an email! ;) ).

It's the last day of April today and funnily enough I'm sensing the bubble closing in. We have a coursework to do. I'm tempted to type %$^&*()P^&*%$^^! Oops I just have. I'm not too pleased about this coursework since it's proving to be a distraction - I mean until I get it out of the way it'll pester me. The best thing to do is to get it out of the way of course, but that's easier said than done.

After my 'early' morning today, I for a second put the sun shining down to mechanics! Hah- like that's ever going to happen. But I confess- whilst talking to myself in the usual way to my office, and having a close call when crossing the road, I nearly put my lucky gettaway to mechanics. I mean I was talking and no one was looking at me strangely. OK maybe one guy did look at me with raised eyebrows, but that's because he's never had anyone smile to him on a Monday morning! Yep, you got it- there was no bloody hands, or bags in peoples faces today. I was quite well behaved. My supervision went quite well actually, and I'll post the results of it in the comments to my post on kernels etc. (I had a 'get in there moment' for a second you see-woohoo!). I really like my supervisor. The thing is I have an idea, maybe a slight one and then the supervisor puts all the pieces of the jigsaw together in my head. I have been continuously told to not introduce variables from any where i.e. indicate where they're from. So today as my supervisor wrote the constants a and c I thought that maybe no one else would find it funny if I asked where they're from. :D *coughs again!*

My new motto is: CONSISTENCY! (see the lecturers do give good advice, that is in response to an argument I had with someone).

Is it bad that a post which was meant to be shortish has been dragged out? Well the mechanics lecture was pretty interesting today. I do wish that I was more awake, since I'm having difficulty remember bits of it. It was about frameworks and the angular 'frequency'/rotations of things. You see when the reference was made to hurricanes etc I was wide awake- I mean that's what I like about mechanics, how it helps answer physical phenomenon. The word centrifugal rang a bell, however this bell was biological. (we did centrifuging of cells in Biology AS- the experiment was pretty cool). Now I have been given permission to smack people over the top of the head by the lecturer (cool or what!) but for what reason I can't remember! It's something to do with the bath plug in England and pulling it in say Australia at the same time. Hmmm. No sense in worrying over that, that hurts too much as well. It was a good lecture.

There was this woman who I saw whilst commuting, and for some reason I wanted to make sure she reached home safely. I mean she had a heavy bag and I'm glad she didn't carry it! I saw her to the lift, but alas I lost her then. (I did keep looking over my shoulders, don't know why, but she was a nice enough lady. :) ) Note: I'm not a proper qualified stalker yet- that takes a further three years of training!

Lots of things are looming upon me, however at this moment it is sleep. My plan: sleep early and so wake up early in the morning. That makes sense since I seem to work best before sunrise, and this is a habit which I've acquired over time. (Since secondary school). Good night. :)

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