Thursday, April 05, 2007

Oops- not again!

This is cheating, but I even decided to copy my notes up using mirror writing! (normal rules apply in being able to read them- although can you spot the difference? :D :D ) ;)


Jake said...

Non-singular linear transformations
Sounds like a good days work!


Jake said...

can you spot the difference?

Was this one written with your right hand?

beans said...

Haha, neat! Although I'm not liking the sound of bases! :D

Haha, yeah. The notes which took me ages to write when I had decided to copy them up! (I erm did something to the picture. ;) )

That's the neatest my writing gets, which is why I prefer typing my courseworks up!

Jake said...

Although I'm not liking the sound of bases! :D

Well this was my first thought:

Nice poem; this one is

beans said...

Lol, I was looking for something amusing to be honest :D And it's always good to see people struggle with poetry (in the nicest way possible, since I'm a fellow struggler!) However, I didn't know you'd be pretty good at poetry! :p

BTW no word ryhmes with orange!

KTC said...

I'm not even going to try, knowing how bad it'll turn out.

I can cheat as I'm just a reader of your blog, but you can't cheat! And you said you didn't turn your computer on... Did you say you wrote that note in mirror writing again, or were you mirroring your writing? :P

beans said...

That was the whole point to it! :D (you know you want to!)

The picture that I have posted with the blue margin is what I actually wrote using mirror writing. Note the rubbish writing! (I had to eventually turn the computer on to post this!)

But erm... my notes, well ... it's not exactly cheating- was just testing you guys! I'm pleased that you spotted what I'd actually done! ;)

beans said...

Ah Jake- sorry I hadn't read what you'd written properly! :o (i.e. the right hand comment)

Both have been written with my right hand, but one is mirror writing and the other is, like KTC said, writing which has been mirrored! :p