Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A must see video...

The link to this video was posted in the comments to the previous post by tdstephens. I think it deserves its own post, so here it is! It's brilliant, enjoy. :D (I obviously didn't understand it all, but nevertheless it's amusing and makes me laugh. Pure genius!).


Jake said...

Haha...that was great.

I loved:

'I'm living in the kernal of a rank one map, from my domain the image looks so blue, cos all I see are zeros its a cruel trap'

I guess that counts as linear algebra revision doesn't it? ;)

I wonder why they call themselves the Klein Four Group when there are seemingly 5 of them?

tdstephens3 said...

see the rest of their antics on youtube - these guys are a *real* hoot!

Steve said...

On another topic, now that you are using AoPS, why not add a link to this blog to the list of blogs there? To do that you login to AoPS, go to AoPS Blogs and click on Join. You'll see Gooseania is already there under his real name.

Jake said...

LOL. I just watched it again and realised that when he was making the symbol with his hand near the start, he was making an 'o' shape to show that he meant 'tensor' as opposed to tenser.

beans said...

Jake: Yep, that is revision! It's so cool the way they've done it though- the 'sound effects' and everything!

I never get bored of watching it! (and about the 5 thing, I don't know, maybe someone left?)

tdstephens3: They have more antics? I could only find this video of them, but I'll have another look!

Steve You know what they say about great minds... lol, I'm just kidding myself! I've actually done that a while back, however everytime I click on join it now says, 'Your blog has been submitted but has not yet been approved. It should be approved within 3 business days.' It's been three weeks I'd say, but I don't really know who to contact and mention this. (yes I saw your blog there as well :D) :)

beans said...

I can't believe I missed out the best line ever: Without loss of generality.... :D

Haha, I love writing w.l.o.g (ok I'm sometimes lazy and write wlog!). Such a nice little phrase, isn't it?!


('why not three...!' Ok I've watched it at least once ;) )

Steve said...

I don't really know who to contact and mention this

Send a private message on the forum to Valentin Vornicu who is the technical whizz for AoPS.

beans said...

Will do, thanks.