Saturday, April 14, 2007

More preamble...

It's one nil to united as I type this. Hopefully it will either stay like that, or we'll get another one or two goals! In want of anything else to type, I will now talk about football.

Everywhere I look I see United fans happy. They either haven't seen the world or are not looking at things the way I am. We're in the semi-finals for the European cup- brilliant. Are we going to go to the final? Erm... ask me that again after we lose to AC Milan in the semis. Yes, I'm quite the optimist aren't I. However the painful memory of AC Milan kicking us out of this competition still remain with me so you can't blame me for this!

Don't get me wrong, when we play I'm going to be hoping like never before that we beat the AC Milan badly. So badly that the memories which float about poking me in the eyes sometimes stop. But my theory is to prepare for the worst! Ok, say we do beat Milan and go to the final. Then it's going to be an all English final. That's got trouble written all over it before it's happened. We could either face Chelsea or Liverpool and I don't fancy our chances against either. Once it's an all English final it is no longer a 'European game'. Naturally the teams mentality will return to the way we play in England. The only team I'm confident won't do this are Liverpool. So which out of the two would I prefer if United managed to beat AC Milan. I'd say Liverpool because since Mourinho has managed Chelsea, I only ever recall beating them once. And I'd rather prefer having Liverpool win the cup again, rather than Mourinho and his blues.

Now onto the league. We currently sit first with a three point lead. Blimmin Pompey's fault. Do I think we're going to win the Premiership? I don't think I want to answer that question! Seriously out of all the cups we can win I so badly want us to win the Premiership. European champions sounds good, but I don't want Chelsea to win it again! But we have to win five games for this to be a reality and I believe Chelsea is one of them games. Sigh. Like I haven't got enough to worry about already!

You can come out now, if you were hiding. I have a 'guess what this picture is' competition. Well it might be really easy (as I've been told), but guess what the following is a picture of. (I've edited it slightly)!

Original is on the left and obviously the other two are the edited ones. So do y'all give up? (Maybe I'll leave a clue for you tomorrow!)

Normal prize for the correct guesser :D


beans said...

Crap- it's 2-1 already!

Jake said...


Is that the one where you kick the inflated pigskin in between some metal posts?


beans said...

I take it that is your guess? If so, sorry it's the wrong answer. :p

I take it you're not a big fan of football yourself! Dare I ask which team you support?!

beans said...

I've added the original picture, if you're still guessing! :D

(althought the format has gone slightly wonky!)

Jake said...

I take it that is your guess?

No, it was just a joke...I used to play a bit of football but I have never really followed a team.

I don't know what the picture is.

beans said...

Playing is enough for me. :p

Here's a clue if anyone is still interested: Circulation.