Sunday, April 15, 2007


Mathistan is obviously a subset of Blogistan, and it's an amazing place indeed. Imagine this. You close your eyes and see darkness. Upon opening them you're surrounded by Maths. That's Mathistan for you. Beautiful- just beautiful. What more can a bean ask for?

Now recently a good friend of mine, well my other imaginary self I must confess, invited me over to Mathistan. This is an offer which I couldn't refuse. So I've started packing my bags and leave for Mathistan tomorrow. Certain countries have certain rules which you must follow if you live there. Mathistan has certain rules as well. My erm... friend has been pointing them out to me and I have been quite understanding. Not reluctantly I must add. Anyway, I'll leave what happens in Mathistan to your imagination- it's what you make of it I suppose.

Tomorrow is the first Monday back after three weeks of 'holiday'. Sadly I don't feel all refreshed and ready for the action. I feel like Frodo Baggins as he left the fellowship to go to Mordor alone. Unlike Frodo at that time, I know what is to come. Gollum, Shelob, orcs, and then after a lot of travel, hopefully Mount Doom. I feel like a weary traveller, who is so fatigued but yet must carry on for the sake of Middle Earth. That's a big burden for a small hobbit! My head is thudding from pain. My heart crying for time to stop. If only for a day. /hyperbole :D

We have so far done 3 problem sheets for the second half of Linear Algebra- four remain. Don't know how many we have left for mechanics. Another four I have to do for sequence and series. Yes, I have reached Rivendell hopefully, and have got my head around the first half of the linear algebra course and orthogonal matrices. But alas, I fear that I don't have enough time on my hands to revise everything else properly. Yes, I'm an expert at hyperbole but there's a feeling of dread hanging over my heart. I fear that what we're going to do in Linear Algebra from now will go whoosh over my head (yes you got it- my old nemesis subspaces have returned). I will obviously combat this fiend, but already I'm one nil down. I feel defeat.

But things can only get worse, because then we have mechanics. I attempted the coursework and problem sheet 2 yesterday and it was painful. I felt like emailing the lecturer in frustration to ask whether the slope was smooth, which direction was the damn thing moving, did it have any velocity, couldn't you have drawn it out for us and loads more questions. Thankfully we were given the ODE so I realised that the 'particle' must be sliding down the slope with no external force acting upon it. My headache is probably due to the coursework but thankfully I'm on the last part now, which is proving tough. If I throw a penny vertically upwards, and it takes 5 seconds to reach it's max height. Will it necessarily take 5 seconds to fall back down again? Yes, questions like that have been bugging me, however I must say that the satisfaction of getting the rightish answers so far has been what's kept me going! (We have to show things).

I remember commenting in Craig Laughton's blog that 'Don't let the fear of time it will take to accomplish something stand in the way of your doing it. The time will pass anyway, we might just as well put that passing time to the best possible use.' I have this quote on my wall, however right next to it is the quote my Year 10 maths teacher told/warned us with: 'Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.' My problem is that I want to understand everything properly. You see I wish that I could follow Noddy's train of thought. Noddy has four weeks before her exams start and has set herself one week for each module she has. This seems reasonable, but you see Noddy doesn't exactly make an effort to attend all her lectures. She has her reasons for doing this and I'm so glad that maths isn't taught using a PowerPoint presentation! However my timetable is slightly different and I know I'm in for a tough few weeks.

So as you can tell I'm actually quite excited about my holiday to Mathistan. Yesterday my Dad left for Dubai. I'm already missing him (ahem his car!)! What can I say- I'm a daddy's bean. :D I actually wanted to go towards the end, if not for the holiday but because I could take some pictures! (He's taken the camera :( ). But on a serious note, my dad's holiday signalled my holiday as well. Thankfully he won't be here to see what kind of fun I'll be having! :D

So the rules of the game. No window hopping allowed. I have previously deduced that posting is not the distraction. However now I must add that the distraction is Blogistan. Yes, it's painful to admit this, but if I say read a book instead of visiting Blogistan, then I can put the book down anytime. Sadly Blogistan is not that easy to put down.

So fellow people of middle-earth, I'm not saying that I'm going to stop posting for the next four to six weeks. That's sadly not possible. I'm too weak for that! (erm...). Anyway, you're obviously going to be hearing about my oscillating Fridays, and if anything interesting (like that lecture on Wednesday) happens, then you'll be hearing from me. However, daily musings that I have a habit of posting will remain unposted (apart from those which fight to be posted!). I'll content myself by continuing my chapters of my maths education up till now. I wish you all the best of luck in your revision and exams. I'd rather not, in a couple of months, be reflecting about where things went wrong and be thinking of Blogistan. I apologise for the hole that I'm going to leave in your lives ... *coughs* :D lol, ok I'll stop writing like an idiot, but I'll still be around! But seriously I'm not looking forward to tomorrow and the next four weeks.

Am I just being a freak of nature again? Why am I dreading tomorrow? Maybe it's because I have yet to do my Linear Algebra homework, maybe not. Maybe I'm scared that the only thing I'm going to hear from the Tweenies is 'oh I've revised everything'. You see I have a great way in which I avoid people who talk to me about how much they've revised whilst we're on holidays. In college a friend used to always text 'hows revision going? I have revised blah blah blah are you revising?'. I think that text somehow wasn't received. ;) I feel that I've accomplished stuff in the holidays (learnt LaTeX with Steve's help) however one always tends to reflect on what one could not do.

Oh and if you don't have exams and revision to do, then drop me an email (profile) and we'll discuss ways in which you could possibly help me. Note the seriousness of that statement. I repeat this is not a joke! :D Oops that darn smiley faced spoiled that didn't it. Oh, I might just end up posting pictures so I will at least be posting something! Haha, I'm obsessed. This weary traveller really needs the holiday to Mathistan, and hopes that it will rejuvenate me. :p I leave you with another comic:

From xkcd


egm said...

Ah, the comic sadly describes my life! I need to go away. Maybe to Photostan.

Have a great time in Mathistan...

beans said...

Only for a short while I hope!

I'll try to :D Although I was going to make a quick post about how the powers that be must be happy with me, since I've managed to do both my calculus and linear algebra homework, got a discount on my pass, walked into a lampost (ouch but cool :D) and I'm actually glad to be back in uni now! I think sitting at home for 3 weeks drained all the hope out of me, but the weather is great and well I'm loving it all.

And slowly the hope is returning. Gotta run now calculus lecture!( I like cutting things find :p )