Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Mathematicians set Chinese test

Should I be encouraged that I can at least do the test set by English universities?

To be honest I've not yet tried attempting the question from the Chinese one- I have a Linear Algebra test soon and have been up since the early hours of the day doing some questions. My brain is slightly more disjoint than normal. However, sometime after 1pm I shall see what I can make of it and report back, hopefully in one piece.

I think it's interesting, since in my further maths class we had a guy who had come from China to study maths in England. It goes without saying that he was a brilliant mathematician, and well I loved having him in my class- that meant I could carry on looking dumb whilst he answered the questions! (Although it was a shame that due to some visa problems he didn't complete his A levels. Was a good guy and maths lessons used to be good fun as well.)

I'm afraid that's the biggest paragraph I can muster today- linear algebra calls. Boo hoo.

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