Monday, April 23, 2007

How not to get someone a present.

Well excuse my lame attempt at this anyway.

'To ......,

Happy Birthday. Age your age not your shoe size. etc etc etc

I'm afraid that I haven't been able to get you a present, however when you buy the DS I will contribute towards half of the cost. Although the following conditions apply as well: Multiply my contribution by 1/2, then multiply again by 0.9. Then minus 10 and finally divide by 0. Whatever number appears on the calculator will be my final amount towards the DS.

Hope you enjoy the day.'

Well obviously I hadn't written it as nicely as that, but I wrote something along them lines in someones birthday card. :D Unfortunately it wasn't found particularly amusing, so I content myself by eating some cake whilst laughing on my own! I am not responsible for any flying cake which may hit you as a result of the above. Use at your own risk!

If you're wondering 'what the heck' then choose any number and do the calculations on it. ;) (Ok, it's late so please don't get offended by that comment!!) :D

Have to mention something else here- Mechanics = not a lot of nice words. :( I don't want to say that I'm at a disadvantage by having done M1 at college, but it's completely different at uni. I mean why can't we use the blimmin SUVAT equations? I was doing a question on projectiles- managed it but got stuck. Consulted my college file and realised that I could have got the answer by SUVAT. Sigh. The thought of being at a disadvantage is due to the fact that everything is conflicting with each other. Naturally I want to do it the way I have been previously taught to do it, but I know I can't. Fizz is lucky in the sense of not having done any mechanics before. I'm too tired to shout and scream at mechanics- must resign myself to the fact that it's going to be over soon! (I actually felt positive after today's lecture as well. Humbug.)


Mechanista said...

"why can't we use the blimmin SUVAT equations?"

Because life is different when learning at a higher level, maybe? The so-called SUVAT equations only apply in a special case, and are trivial to derive by simply integrating Newton's 2nd law. Was the whole point of the question to derive the SUVAT equations from scratch? Maybe you're expected to know WHY something applies instead of just remembering random formulae ... that way a small change that makes the SUVAT equations no longer applicable will still leave you with a way forward.

beans said...

Yes they're only applicable when acceleration is constant, and I figured the bit about integrating newtons's 2nd law yesterday! (hence my grumbling :p)

No, we had to work out projectiles etc. I'm used to working in two colums- one for motion along the x direction and the other for motion along the y direction. And obvioulsy then writing SUVAT vertically downwards and then finding what I need. Doing it by newton's second isn't bad, it's just that my brain is naturally want to do it like its used to. (well it's not much of a brain this morning- mash potatoe maybe?)

And I agree about remembering random formula- the lecturer stresses that this is not a course where we will be learning forumlas. Thankfully, because there are some nasty ones for motion in polar co-ordinate system. (but suvat formulas are so nice!). :o

I must say your comment has just reminded me that I have to hand my homework in. :( I've come to the wrong building! Also nice link you've added to your name- though it suprised me for a second! :D

beans said...

Gah- that comment didn't make much sense. (describes the state of my head!) However I'd like to thank you mechanista, because although I had to walk to the Lamb building from the mss building and then back, I at least kept the promise of handing my work in! Thanks. :)

(Explains why I'm, physically zonked out as well!)