Friday, April 20, 2007

*Dramatic musics plays in background*

If you're wondering why, then shame on you! It's a blimmin Friday - what do you expect? 5 hours is a long haul, especially when I seem to extend these 5 hours to 7ish hours. I've been doing 9am starts for the whole week, which is also another reason for my 'distracted' state. My brain is functioning (thanks for asking) however it's having a little breather. You know, the way I do after walking up the stairs of the mss building. I ventured there again today and this time it was less painful- hurrah! I think the lecturers should also walk up the stairs- you know.. for fun. :D One of the lecturer has I must confess walked up the stairs once or twice, however I'm sure that this was due to there being a fire alarm. (although thinking about it, why would you walk up the stairs if there was a fire alarm- I must have heard wrong!). There could always be a 'maths' break on G floor, for those who require it. Or is my definition of fun not global? Haha, I don't think I'll be liked by my lecturers for suggesting this.... it takes 3.5 minutes you know! (You didn't hear me say this).

So as I type it seems that I'm feeling like my normal self again. This week has really been so and so. The main reason being that my sleeping pattern has been all messed up (due to the holidays) so I've only had bursts of 'freshness'. The one thing I'm looking forward to tomorrow is waking up without the darn alarm.

There's no reason to mention oscillations- oops I just did. That wasn't deliberate BTW, a slip of the fingers. So, 9am I was once again doing sequences and series. 10am calculus lecture. Now I bet you're thinking, 'oh not again'. I don't blame you for thinking this, I think that all the time, but today I really enjoyed the calculus lecture. It was 'fun'. Obviously I don't mean all of it was fun! I'm not that crazy. Pfft. Children of all ages, feast your eyes upon the greatest invention ever known to me 'yet'...
Yes, it's a gyroscope. Pretty darn neat if I must admit- and cool. Would you class my childhood as being worthless if I say that I don't remember coming across of these? I mean it does look like a bey blade, (I happen to possess one- go Dragoooooon) ahem. So obviously as soon as the lecturer whipped this out, my full concentration and attention returned. The lecturer proceeded to 'get it going' and I seemed to have a vague memory of something similar. However since it was vague I didn't worry to much over it. It's cool, and I'm six so no mean comments. Ok maybe you can comment but no more than 1 mean one! (haha I was going to write at least 1 first, which means trouble).

Now my eyes are not what they once used to be and I have a mortal fear of the opticians. They don't like me. Unlike dentists, who seem to always want you to bloody go back to them so they can meddle with teeth which they ought not! Anyway, I've been suffering from headaches because of my eyes, and I hate it because it makes concentrating a pain. (don't worry, I have a plan for this but there's this one word which is preventing me from doing this. Begins with an 'l' if you're interested.) So towards the end of the first lecture I was trying my best to listen, but it seemed that there was no brain-ears link. (BTW angular momentum isn't that bad- you see what I like of mechanics is how we can actually describe physical things using it. I mean when you're trying to balance on your bike without moving, that's more difficult than when the bike is moving. This is because of the spin of the wheels and something to do with angular momentum. I found this interesting and how the gyroscope is used in planes etc. If I can see what's happening it makes life easier).

So the calculus lecture was a hit. All I'm going to say is that after the break I was pretty happy! (and at the lecture as well :D). I bounced out of the lecture room, across the road to the Chemistry Building.

Linear Algebra was 'different' in a good way of course. We did co-ordinates of vectors and I seem to vaguely remember this from the first half of the course. We need to remember that a vector v from the space V can be written as a unique linear combination of the vectors in the basis. (Oh and order matters!). That was just a recap for my own benefit. Anyway, some guy probably must have been talking and Prof S asked his friends to let him out. However the guy was allowed to sit back down once he told Prof S that his shirt was for the team Wigan. Later the guy was asked which team Wigan play on the weekend and we were told some random team I've never heard of! It turned out that his top was for the rugby team. I heartily agreed with the notion that in that case he shouldn't have been allowed to sit down again. :D (Not that I have anything against the guy, but football is much better than rugby. I'm not a fan of Rugby- hate it, allowed I admire the fact that you won't find any 'divers' in rugby).

Anyway, it seems Chelsea have got Newcastle away this weekend! Go Newcastle... ok not going to happen, but 6-point gap was so much nicer! I mean we've got tough games coming up. Boro on the weekend who you can never trust, Man City soon and Chelsea as well! Am I becoming optimistic about us winning the league- drat I better go back to my 'Chelsea are going to win' opinion. So Prof S is into football (I guess) and he does maths as well- what more can us maths students ask for! And he used to like United until RVN, but you can't blame him for that. When a player becomes bigger than the team- they've got to go. (I started to dislike RVN as well).

Oops I'm getting carried away... again. So after the linear algebra lecture, it shouldn't come as a surprise when I say that I did my linear algebra homework. Well tried to do it anyway. Obviously after this at 2am it was the sequence and series lecture, or shall I say 2:10? I'm wondering whether I'm actually 'losing' out by going to the lectures. If the term continues for another 6 weeks rather than 3ish, then there's no question of it being a null sequence. I mean today about 50 people came. Yes it's a Friday, and people have better things than maths to do, but are they better off? Anyway, my headache returned with vengeance and I was actually grateful when the lecture ended at 2:40 (30 mins again woohoo!) (note sarcasm maybe). You see my theory was to copy whats on the board during the lecture since that'll force me to pay attention. It did at first however I'm back to square one- need to get the hang of the lectures again. The one thing that did cause me to wake up, for the wrong reasons my I add is this:Haha, the pen wasn't mine and I had to write them notes with the paper on my lap. The Tweenies already think I'm a weirdo, this would prove it (and if they were also to find out that I walk up the stairs in the mss building for fun!).

If you're wondering whether that's what we're taught during the lecture, then I'm sorry to burst your bubble. That's maths mirror writing! Took a bit longer and towards the end my 2 became the wrong way round, but it was what was needed to rid me of the headache. Anyway after this I went to hand my homework in- obviously walking up the stairs in the mss building. This explains why I was talking more rubbish then normal, when I saw the example class staff on the way to the class. (I was recovering so to speak- and even when I was possibly really tired, I couldn't stop talking. Wow!).

Anyway, the example class, as always was a nice way to round of the week. It seems that my thinking in sequence and series is 'one-dimensional'. I mean, for example, the question was on the sandwich rule (makes you hungry doesn't it). Anyway, I wrote down the modulus of the function (which was wrong as well!) but then because it didn't turn out 'nice' I thought- crap what now! Hopefully upon doing more problems I'll be able to see different techniques to employ, however when Dr C guided me to the answer, I first thought, 'I'm meant to be able to do that!' and then wondered why I didn't see it. Dr C is probably getting sick of my stupid questions (not that I mind :D), since I tend to not to be able to do the simplest of things.

Thankfully I wasn't asked to do any fraction sums in my head today! (oh and if you don't believe that I'm scary, then the staff at the example would be able to enlighten you:D). I have a question: If the register, which you had put on the table(*) behind you went missing, and I was sitting at the table diagonal to * then what would you initially think? I mean why would I take the register- even though it seems to amuse me to sign for everyone (probably give someone heart problems!). But you wouldn't think that I could do such a thing! We're talking about me here. It was the aliens, I'm dead sure of it. I mean it could have been the people on the table in front as well, but you'd never suspect me right....! It's sad that all I hear you saying is 'give back the register'. :D Ok, I think it was a lucky guess, but I did say that maths lecturers are physic so maybe I was stupid to take the register in the first place. (But on a serious note I wouldn't have actually signed for everyone. Firstly that was last weeks register so would have been meaningless, and secondly I only have two hands so can only sign for two people! Any volunteers?).

If you were the poor soul who actually believed that I hadn't taken it, then it is with a heavy heart that I must inform you that I did. I'm sure my mechanics lecture could explain all the forces that were acting on the register thus causing it to move towards me! (well the explanation sounds better than aliens). So yeah, I really enjoy the example class. 'Bundles' of fun, and obviously hearing a click in my head is always nice. I guess toady I can be forgiven for not being the sharpest of people around, but next Friday it'll be a different story. Muhaha. I mean- I'm not planning anything dramatic. Gosh no!

Sigh. It seems that I actually am quite glad to be back. Actually it's great- dare I say that I'm not looking forward to the summer holidays? I know I'm a bit sad, you know in the sense that I 'intensely think' about maths, but I really like the hustle and bustle of the week. Getting to lectures just on time (which has got to stop), walking from the Chemistry building to the mss one. Hanging around with the Tweenies, and of course doing maths. If only we didn't have exams, I'd attend lectures for everyday of the week if I could (maths ones of course!). /hyperbole.

I didn't intend to do any work today, since it's a Friday and my brain truly (well what's left of it) feels like lead. However I have now changed my mind. I'm on the last question for the calculus coursework, and it's annoying me. Going to do that now and then hopefully on the weekend do revision for the Linear Algebra test. (and hopefully some sequence and series- I can't believe that I've only just finished example sheet 2!). Have a nice weekend, but has anyone been able to prove or disprove 'the theorem' I posted? (Out of curiosity). If not you've got some homework to do as well! :D

[it seems that as well as being able to talk for England- I can type/write for England as well]

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