Tuesday, April 10, 2007

'Chest pains, chest pains...'

As the famous Homer Simpson is quoted to have said whilst running around looking for a car in, Hit & Run. Now the heart is a vital organ- don't say 'duh'! This is not a biology lesson, although I must say that the only part about Biology that I enjoyed was about the human body. You know about the right ventricle, the aorta, pulmonary arteries you name them. The human body, and learning about it was the only reason that I was interested in medicine. Isn't it just fascinating the way our blood is buffered? And as soon as the carbon dioxide level increases stuff happens (note: I'd rather not make up the stuff I've forgotten!). ADH- anti-diuretic hormone, FSH, LH it's a large field, nevertheless interesting. The fact that biology is unfortunately not only about the 'human body' is one of the reason that I didn't fancy doing medicine. Although it was more of my dads idea for me to do medicine, sometimes these ideas became solid. Plants and ecology was the big deciding factor. AS Biology had been bearable, however after our exams we'd started the content for A2 biology. And yeah it was to do with plants and ecology, so I had no regrets when I only did 3 A levels and Biology not being one of them!

So, enough of that- I was just showing another one my 'interests'. It's bleeding difficult to stop myself from writing about respiration etc. The main reason I found it cool was because it was happening to me. I could relate to it. Revision was nice. 'I eat a chocolate, physical digestion happens in the mouth but the enzymes in the mouth in the saliva (amylase?) also start breaking the food. The food goes to your stomach via the oesophagus. The stomach walls churn it into 'chyme' by using acids....'. Oops sorry again. It's been one of them day, but you know I liked knowing what was happening to my food, what happened to my muscles when I played football etc.

Last night at about 00:00am my Grandma, who's staying with us for the holidays, complained about having chest pains. She was at my uncle's house at that time, so my uncle with my dad took her to the hospital. My grandma's been in and out of the hospital a few times and it was also thank to her that medicine was a big NO. I didn't know what was happening at the time, since I was in my room. My mum told us what was happening and we all decided to wait for my dad (he hadn't blimmin taken his phone!). My dad didn't come back soon (obviously), and soon everyone had gone to bed. Apart from me. I was up at about 2:47am typing that LaTeX document up. Not because I'm so mad about it that I wanted to finish it, but because I was in the 'groove' so to speak. I thought it was best not to enquire about my Grandma's health at that moment since my Dad would have most likely hit the roof to see me awake at that time!

Anyway, this morning, I was rudely woken earlier than intended by my brother. Thankfully no LU factorizations were haunting me this morning, and I was soon alert. Po was going to go to the hospital and I decided to go as well- unfortunately on an empty stomach. They'd put my Grandma in the assessment ward to check her heart. You see she recently had an ear operation and was told that it might mess with her heart, or something along them lines that's why we were worried. So this morning I spent about an hour and a bit at the hospital. I hate hospitals. My Grandma was much better this morning and everything was ok, we were just waiting for her test results. Can I just say, again, that I hate hospitals.

Don't want to delve much on what else happened, but it seems that my Grandma has angina. Biology lessons have there uses I suppose! Thankfully it's nothing serious. We were all freaked out, especially my dad. She's back home and it's been hectic. Everyone i.e. my other uncles and aunties from as far as Macclesfield and Bradford came to see her... in 'my' house. :D Yeah, I don't like my auntie from Macclesfield (and don't like her daughter) but you didn't hear me say that! It was ok for a while, watching the cricket with some cousins and sometimes flicking over to the football, and also watching my dad and his brothers argue about cricket! (but I knew where I'd rather be ;) )

Now I've mentioned one heart attack that we all experienced when my grandma went to hospital, and another mini one that I had when my erm... 'cousin' was around. However I haven't mentioned the one I'm having right now. I can't explain why I'm so tense. Actually I can:

Need any clues to figure what that is? :( Yes, it's my exam timetable. Now I can devise a cool plan where I can super impose anyones photo onto my student card, but alas by the time I accomplish that it'll be too late. I'm shocked to put it bluntly. That's why I'm having this mini-heart attack. Exams in summer are always towards the end of June. Dammit they're always on my birthday! (well when my birthdays not on a weekend anyway!). I'd rather they be on my birthday than have them in May. Is there any reason why term finishes so soon? Please, there must be a way to delay this. That's in about 5 weeks time! The 17th May, not 17th June. Why? That's pretty soon.

Now the positive thing is that I don't have to worry about revising for calculus in the next five weeks, since we have about 10 days for that after sequence and series. And... erm well that's all. Yes, I can't think of anything else that will calm my thudding heart. I'm a freak who needs to get a grip. Why am I so worried? Maybe because I've been 'taking it easy' today and yesterday. I seriously don't think I'm going to do too well in these exams. And what the heck does the 'T' mean after MT10202T? I don't want term to end. I just don't. Why can't they just lecture us 'for the fun of it' in June? (yes I know that's not possible, but it'd be nice). :(

I'm not happy indeed. Worried, yes. Maybe because I can't see myself doing 'proper' revision is what's also worrying. Anyway I'm going to stop complaining now, but can someone confirm for me what it says on this site. On the right about bank holidays in May. Does it or does it not say that May 29th is a bank holiday? So does that mean no exam? What a big mess up. Now whilst I was typing this paragraph I realised that I have included my seat number on that picture! Not to worry- I'm going to edit it out now. You see .... that could identify me- so sorry all those people who were hoping I'd forget! (It's all about the adrenaline).

So what now? I'm not disciplined enough to follow a table, a plan. I'm sorry if you're sick of reading about this every bleeding day, but I'm a natural worry head. When I don't do what I'm supposed to, I panic. Oh and my Biology GCSE was the first time I ever had a panic attack- before the exam that is. And well once you pop, as the pringles adverts go, you don't stop. Is it bad that I'm slightly looking forward to my dad going to Dubai? He's going to take the camera, which is going to be a bummer, but then I won't have that pressure of 'not doing maths' on my head.

Sigh. My Grandma's freaked out, I'm freaking out. Welcome to the world of bean's household. I hope you enjoy your stay. You can stay in any room apart from the room on the second left as you come up the stairs. Kitchen's nearly complete as well. We have an OK garden and well, you can see what you make of it yourself. No need to be polite to the teletubbies (i.e. family members apart from Mum and Dad!). Have a nice day. :D


Steve said...

Does it or does it not say that May 29th is a bank holiday? So does that mean no exam? What a big mess up.

As a mathematician you should know that you have to read things very carefully :) So what year does the University site say for Bank Holidays? What day of the week is 29th May?

You are right that there is a mess but not in the way you originally thought.

beans said...

Gah- I read the what day of the year part first and thought, Tuesday so what? So I guess that was the ultimate test by the university maths department which I have failed miserably!

Maybe 2006 is a typo since every other year is 2007? :D You've saved me from sending an embarrasing email to someone or other! Thanks. :o

(I blame the fact that I'm a bit more 'freaked' tha normal!)

Vics said...

Meh! exams are always in may! Trust me, i know this - I can never celebrate my birthday as I'd like because SOMEONE is always having an exam.. Bloody students! *sniff*

(came from MyBlogLog btw - had to visit a fellow manc..)

Steve said...

Maybe 2006 is a typo since every other year is 2007?

I think what happened is that they just change the dates on the website each year but forgot to change the Bank Holiday dates which were correct for 2006.

beans said...

Vics: You're NOT allowed to say that here! :p Uni exams probably, but college exams were so nicely placed at the end of June. Haha unlucky for you that it's other peoples exam affecting you! You were once a student, springs to mind!

Nice to see a fellow northerner as well. I mean *coughs* yeah, nice to see you around here, not that I have anything against you if you're not from manc! ;) :D

Steve: Oops your previous comment has now clicked. Bank Holiday Tuesday = the empty set! Damn, should have seen that at least!

Maybe I'll still send the email enquiring about the 'T'. (It's in my nature to bug people I'm afraid! :D)

beans said...

No need to worry everyone- it was a false alarm. We can all relax now, including me! It seems that the 'T' was on the timetable for my first semester exams as well. So it's nothing new or special- drat! I mean, glad I found that out before I did anything stupid. (again)

Gish said...

Intereting blog you have here. Seeing that am such a nibbler i will take the kitchen and prayt hat your grandma gets well soonest. also all the best in the preparation for the exams allthe same half the fun is in the tension and freaking out.

egm said...

Tis been a while since I visited the bean! I see there's plenty going on around. Hope your grandma gets well quick.

Like Gish, I'll ensconse myself in the yet-to-be-complete kitchen and nibble away. Don't mind me, I'll move out of your way as you work.

Just over a month to exams, eh? Happy revising!

beans said...

gish: Thanks. :D

As long as both of you promise not to make a mess and not to eat the bananas, apples, chocolates, crisps, food etc then it's ok by me! ;)

My grandma is much better today, thanks. I think with Angina you just got to take it easy. I guess being stress head runs in the family since she doesn't take it easy!

gish: thanks,but there's no fun in freaking out- none at all! The fun part is thinking about having no stress at all in about a months time. :D

same to you egm- happy and revising don't go together! :D