Saturday, March 24, 2007


How many hours of sleep do you have on a normal day, and what time do you normally get too bed? (That's a serious question if you're wondering!)

The time's going forward one hour, if I remember correctly, but why does this suddenly have me worried? It just doesn't seem right. Maybe I'm so worried because it's an indication of how fast time has passed by! It's already the end of March. It seemed like we started the second semester just the other day. What's more worrying is the amount of work that I should have done already, but haven't. Worrying is a natural thing for me, but I seriously can't think of anything 'productive' which I've done during the second semester. I've done what had I had do to. Nothing more, which is what I should be doing.

Now is a good time to really reflect on what I haven't done, and what I now must do. I know that I had decided to really have a go at Linear Algebra during the Easter holidays, so maybe that caused me to slacken slightly. A change in lecturer had me shifting up a gear, but then when we started subspaces I slowed down again. We have a coursework test worth 15% for Linear Algebra after the holidays, which is enough reason to 'revise'. So maybe all is not lost.

For Calculus I kind of 'get' the ODE bit, like finding the characteristic equation etc. The only bit that stinks of that part is the 'graph' questions, and existence and uniqueness. Oh and how can I forget stinking oscillations and the 'perturbation' method. The mechanics bit is just evil. I went to the library to see if the book recommended by the lecturer was available, but sadly the library only had one copy which has been taken by someone else. (I was going to see if it was any good before buying it, but might just buy it now!). I don't really want to spend time on mechanics, but have a coursework due in after the holidays. So this will give me a chance to get myself informed on what's happening! If you're wondering why I'm so relaxed about this module, then I'm afraid even I can't answer that question. But this 'relaxed' attitude has warning signs all over it! (I'll have to squeeze some mechanics in somehow).

Finally to sequence and series. You take one step forward in this subject and a further three backwards. So how many steps do I have to eventually take to get to the end? (too many to count!). As I've previously stated, I get bogged down by little things, which bugging me for days. I'm not sure whether I should be worrying about trying to understand the proofs, since this is taking far too long, or whether I should be doing more questions. I don't really want to write this since it's 'painful' but I'm still on convergent sequences! I've got divergent ones left, the ratio test and a million other tests as well! On top of this we have now started series, so yes, I'm really behind in this subject. I'm not sure how long my Linear Algebra revision is going to take, so I can't really say for definite about how much time I'll be spending on this subject. Sigh.

The real reason I'm moaning about this is so that it can give me the kick that I need. You could say that I've been in 'denial' about how much work I've been doing this semester. Putting it all down really weighs it up.

Now the question of sleep comes into the picture. Today was the first time in ages that I didn't have the alarm clock on. I was really testing to see, after how many hours of sleep would I wake up without any external influence. I woke up after 8/8.5 hours (but then thought it's a Saturday, so turned over and went back to sleep!). Now having too much sleep is not good for you (trust me on this!) and too little is not enough. So what's the optimum amount of sleep one should be having? I've been reading 7hrs on some certain sites, but should you always use an alarm clock to wake you up, or let yourself wake up when you're ready?

Having the right amount of sleep makes a big difference in your concentration levels. During the last few weeks of the first semester I had got into a good routine in which I was sleeping well. Consequently, I never dozed off in my lectures (shockingly) and always felt wide awake, ready for anything that was to be thrown at me. This post has really come because during the second semester that has not been the case. During the holidays, I'm aiming to wake up early-ish and do some work then. When you wake up at erm... 12ish your whole morning has disappeared and so you don't feel that you can accomplish anything during the day! So I wouldn't mind your comments on what time you tend to go sleep and wake up. On a normal day I'd say I aim to be asleep by 12am, and wake up at 8ish. (most times out of ten this never happens!)

You've probably already figured that today has been a so and so day (I should really have woken up the first time round). England drew in football and won in cricket. Which would I have preferred? I'm not complaining about the win in cricket, but my main passion is football. I really do sometimes wonder what the result would have been if I was managing England. (That's another thing for the 'to do list'! :D) Just really been watching football and cricket for most of the day, but I did one thing which I'm proud of! I cleaned my room. Yes, it was tedious, painful and no Mum to help me, but it had to be done. My mum stopped cleaning my room the day I threw a huge tantrum after she had put the millions of separate piles of papers that I had, into one huge pile! That was painful.

Anyway, the real reason for sorting my room out was so that I could get into my 'revision' mood. Tomorrow is also going to be a day of doing 'nothing' probably, since I need to first 'de-stress' myself. Oh, and I could always play around with LaTeX! (my first ever document, this is a day to remember indeed! You don't have to download it, but I didn't know any other way in which I could link it. BTW thanks for the links Steve :) ).

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