Sunday, March 25, 2007

Pi(e) day?

I've been having one of them days, in which there's this annoying song tune playing in your head but you CAN'T remember which song it is!! Obviously You Tube seems the natural option, to help you to control your frustration and figure out the tune. However in this case You Tube didn't exactly help at all. Instead it introduced me to Pi(e) Day. It may be a bit late to 'celebrate' this day, but when I had initially read about it somewhere else or was told about it (can't remember properly) I thought it was to do with pies (i.e. food). But today, thanks to You Tube I learnt otherwise!

You probably already knew this, but there's no harm in me celebrating -day again! (Any guesses on what the right answer might be?!)

And to continue this celebration, here's something which might amuse you, found whilst 'googling'. (note: if you're not amused, you might want to try checking this post next year, on -day!)
But is it worth circling this day on my calendar for the year 2008? I mean it's not really that big a deal is it? Otherwise we might have been given the day off from our lectures, and made to learn as many digits of as we can! (3.14 is a safe answer when asked how many digits you know, well in my case anyway!)


Steve said...

I posted this a year ago: Pi Day.

Unfortunately Mathforge that I referred to then doesn't seem to be working properly any more.

beans said...

Ah no wonder we didn't get the day off!

Although I do agree with you about having an 'e' day on the 2nd July! e=2.7... in case any one is wondering- google is your friend! :o (It's a shame that's when the semester's over and I guess we'll have to forget about the pies!).

In fact on this side of the pond we celebrate pi day on the 22nd of July. Approximately.

That made me laugh- if we can't have an 'e' day, then 'Approximate Pi' day it is!

Jake said...

I think I am with this guy on it to be honest:

beans said...

He does make a fair point, because I don't think 'Pi-day' is really going to make anyone interested in maths! I mentioned this to Po today, (who does like Maths) but Po thought it was 'sad'! But is that the whole ideal behind the day- to generate interest in maths? If so there are other ways of going about it. Although I did find the idea 'cool'! (Well they can have a mother's day so...) :p

(I'd rather not mention how the other members of my family reacted upon hearing this!)

egm said...

Incase you want to remembr pi to about 70 decimal places, you can learn this song. Here are the lyrics to help you sing along. :)

beans said...

Hmmm, so that's what you've been doing in your spare time! :D Lol! You had to link the lyrics, didn't you!

(Although I'm proud of the fact that I now know another digit: 3.141- which I didn't know yesterday!)

It made me laugh, which is good I suppose!

egm said...

Have to find a way to keep myself busy! There's also a mechanicy song I'm sure you'll love. Couldn't find it just yet, but when I do, I'll forward you the link.

egm said...

Here's the Sound of Friction along with the lyrics. What a way to learn Physics!

beans said...

I'm not sure whether you hate me that badly, or you have actually convinced yourself that you've been corrupting me!! Do you call that making up for it!!

:D Hahaha, you know what, if I wasn't laughing so much I'd be looking back at the 'good old days' wondering when things changed, so that you had to make me listen to that! That brought back memories of M2 in my A level fmaths class, where we had to actually do an experiment!

'Physics I hate you- although I found the cat joke about 'mu' pretty funny!' Now they have to make a song for every topic, so then I'll at least enjoy something about the subject!