Monday, March 19, 2007

Not for the faint hearted...

Well I had stomach in mind, but is it 'weak stomach' or 'faint stomach'? If you haven't already figured it out, this post is going to be in a league of it's own. No, not that it's going be 'awesome' or something silly like that, but it's going to be nonsense like it's never been heard of before! I could say that I went to sleep really early this morning, and make excuses like that- but come on, it was going to happen one day or other! Why not today?

So, I went to sleep at 3am this morning. I'm not proud of that, but even though it was 3am when it was 3am, I wasn't in the 'mood' of sleeping. I guess your brain goes into a certain zone, after some time, but I was pretty restless at 3am. I think what gave me the indication that I needed sleep was when I saw all them German words whilst I replied to the comments! I had a good reason to be awake at that time- the stats coursework. I was never in danger of 'not completing' it, so I took my sweet time typing it up. I typed a paragraph or two, then erm.. 'googled'? Thankfully, I wasn't on my computer so didn't do all the blog visits that I normally do! I know I've loaded that office into my computer, but I wasn't familiar with the maths editor so decided to use the trusted word on my Dad's laptop. He's got a really neat laptop, although I won't admit that to his face! My dad's laptop had a hard drive failure a while back, and I lost everything!! Why is this so bad? Because I don't exactly know what everything is!!

I woke up at 7:45am so that makes it 4 hours and 45 minutes of sleep that I've had (if that is incorrect, I was testing you!). When this normally happens to me, I initially wake up and am pretty hyper and generally my normal bouncy self. Then the oscillations begin until I get to the position I'm in now. You know, when if you close your eyes for a split second you know that you'll fall asleep! That's why I'm resisting the temptation to close my darn eyes, and hoping that somehow this post might knock some sense into me (don't know how, but hey I never said I knew how computers work!). Have I learnt a lesson from doing my coursework at that time? Not really, no. I have always done this and sometimes unsuccessfully, but once again let me argue that I had done all the maths (woohoo). It was just typing it up and making my report readable which was time consuming.

Where shall we start then? The beginning obviously. Monday morning's are chaos. Full stop. Well the full stop will open when I post about why some other day, but all you need to know is that I always fall into the trap of Monday's! Today my bag was really heavy- 6kg. (Don't ask why yet, but I've been weighing my bag recently- it's for my biology experiment ;) ). This was because I was taking two sequence and series books, one other book to return to the library (they wanted it back :( ), my water bottle, lunch, folder etc. I had planned to print the graph out after the calculus lecture and hand the coursework in then as well. After this I was hoping to implement my plan of 'studying' in university (hence the books).

There were delays again today, so my normal routine had to be scratched. I didn't manage to walk up the stairs in the mss building today, but I managed something else. The Sackville Street Building one's again!! Once again only one lift was working and some ...... guy (insert colourful word where the dots are!) was standing near the lift doors so they wouldn't close! The people inside thought it was too full, so they slowly started coming out. This plonker was just laughing his head off, and in my head he got a right telling off! (Obviously I couldn't do this really, because he was bigger than me and taller!). I didn't gallop of the stairs, but I managed them in good time and this time I wasn't crawling up them. However, it has to be said that as I got to G floor the amount of the steps for the next floor suddenly increased!

Didn't really have to mention that, but I did say I'd keep you up to date with my 'walk-athon'. Supervision was so and so (I actually learnt something though, about the Gram Scmidt method!). Then things started changing. Now if you're the curious type of reader, you might have got to this point and wondered what the heck isn't for the faint hearted, and probably thought it was a bluff which would make you read a load of nonsense. I won't say that I don't mind you reading the nonsense, but I wasn't bluffing. Oh no I wasn't - far from it! A sudden wave of emotion has hit me, about whether I'm being cruel or not. But I don't want to disappoint the curious reader, and this is about sharing my experiences and this was an experience. Don't hate me for this- please, but I'll agree that it's gross!

I wanted to move it out of the way, but didn't have any gloves or a carrier bag. (I've picked a dead one up before). So after this encounter it was time for the Calculus lecture. I was still quite alive and awake at this time, and thankfully today's lecture didn't kill me! We started Newton's law's first and then moved onto some other stuff. The 'other stuff' was not newton's law, but I followed it to some extent. However, one word which I'm NOT liking the sound of is angular momentum! I don't know what it's about, but it's already in my bad books. I really did stay in today's lecture and listened for a large period of time! The funny thing is that last night whilst getting my stats folder, I'd come across my calculus file. I don't know whether I 'miss' calculus from the first semester, but in today's lecture word's like conservative field bounced against the walls. I was obviously disappointed with this, since that meant that I couldn't peacefully forget what I'd done last semester, but I was semi-relieved that I had a slight idea of what was going on! I don't mind path independent conservative fields, it's the other ones that I hate! (other means everything but the closed type).

Another thing which amused me was when Dr H wrote on the board 'Who Cares?'. Do you need help in reading what I wrote next to that? :D Haha. It seems that the memory of Dr Heil, giving money to two students will never stop haunting me! During today's lecture Dr H asked a 'trivial' question. Obviously no one answered it, but had Dr H said, 'A quid for the right answer', instead of, 'I'm not going to do what Dr Heil did and offer money!' then maybe with delight I would have jumped up and shouted the wrong answer out! The pound wouldn't have been given (!) for the answer, but for my bravery in the face of mechanics! Yeah, that sounded better in the head- all you need to know is that once again, no pound! That wasn't the only time I wanted to stand up and shout! Some dude in the middle would not stop talking. I do keep going on about this, but it gets on my nerves. Bella and Panya were guilty of this as well today, and it makes me wonder why come to the lectures at all. If you're just mindlessly copying the notes and having a discussion about where you went out the night before, then do it some place else. This dude, talked for ages and well it wasn't whispering- but a loud conversation. Obviously standing up and telling someone to shut up, is best left to ones imagination! Whilst we're on this topic, I also want to say that if you're going to put your phone on loud then at least have a cool ring tone! Someones phone went of today and I think it was the sound of a baby crying? Weird.

I did try to cut the boring bit's out, but my editor is away for the day. Hence, you'll have to excuse the extra mumbo-jumbo which hasn't yet been filtered out. After the lecture I trimmed the edges of my coursework and Milo just did his introduction. We managed to hand it in before 4(!) but it was in the Lamb building, so we had to walk there and then back to the mss building. Now this is where things went slightly pair shaped.

You see Milo has a routine for Monday's and it usually involves going into town, having lunch (mmm) and getting food. Normally we do this straight after the lecture so finish at a reasonable time, but due to the coursework today was different. I'm part of this routine now. I really don't mind this, but today I really wanted to do sequence and series. Milo's cool, and I really enjoy hanging around with him, but the only conclusion that I came to today was that Monday's are no longer open for me to do work in University. That's a bummer since that meant I carried the extra kg's for nothing, and have yet to make a start on the sequence and series coursework. (It's doable- but I'd rather prefer understanding what I'm doing, rather than following the techniques used in the notes without knowing what's really going on!) I might have to 'scrap' the understanding bit, since if I also want to type this coursework out, then I'll be really pushing myself. (Not that badly pear shaped I suppose, what about banana shaped?)

Milo and me discussed some things today, but I think they deserve a separate post all on their own. I really am trying to remember something else, but my mind's gone blank. Do you reckon that this post is long enough, or shall I continue with more mumbo-jumbo? (nicely please :D)

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