Sunday, March 18, 2007

Mother's Day! ?£%&@?~#

Well I might as well mention this 'special' day even though it's particularly over now. (I really couldn't think of a better title!). So do you 'celebrate' Mother's Day? Do you decide to pick the phone up on only this day of the year to ring your mother up? Or do you go to visit her on this day of the year with chocolates and presents, and not wondering whether she'd like to see you during the year? (I wouldn't mind your views on this, am I being too severe?)

OK, this is a mini-rant, but believe it or not, it's not my fault! Why the heck do people make such a big deal out of mother's day. So we've defined one day for our mother's but what about the rest of the year. What about everyday of the week? I love my Mum- seriously I do. She knows me like no one else does, and I wouldn't be who I am if it hadn't been for her (amongst many people ;) ). But do I have to tell her that on mother's day only? You see I don't really care what other people do for mother's day, if you go see your mum then good for you. I know what mum's are like- they like gestures such as presents etc. who doesn't? But if you're doing something and I'm not, I don't really want you giving me a lecture about it. Mother's day is very superficial. Gah, sorry about this rant, but an annoying person I happen to know gave me the third degree on how I'm not appreciating my mum! I was so tempted to go to the shop to get her something, but I can be stubborn at times! Anyway my mum and dad went out today, so she had a good day anyway (if that was what she wanted!).

The funny thing is that I didn't need to get her 'flowers' or 'chocolates'. You see on Saturday, these came in the post. I guess I could be forgiven for thinking that the flowers and chocolates were for my mum, because who would send them to my Dad? (Father's day is sometimes in June I suppose). So who was the mysterious sender? Hmmm, well since I can't think of a mysterious way to go about this story, I'll get to the point! My Dad's company had sent him the flowers, chocolates and that other funny looking thing! They weren't for mother's day, so you can remain calm. (although my mum's claimed them already!) They were because my Dad has won something or other ( a competition I think) in his company, and was being congratulated by management. I'm being vague, but it's a lot less hassle. My Dad's also won a week holiday for two to Dubai (i.e. the funny looking thing). Obviously straight away I told him that I'm going with him. However, after realising that he was going during term time I decided to 'not' go. My sister found this highly amusing and 'sad', but what does she expect? I'm not going to go to Dubai for a week when I could be going to Math's lectures- what would you do? (You're supposed to agree with me here,...please!) He's 'hopefully' going sometime after the Easter holidays, but even if it was during the Easter holidays I wouldn't have been going. (That's to say he would have taken me). I think he's going to go with a friend, since my Mum also can't go because it's term time. So annoying person- even though you're hopefully not reading this, my mum sort of got flowers and chocolates on mothers day, so there!

*grows up* :D I'm actually having a mini-break from typing my stats coursework up. On Friday, I was feeling the strain of it, since my results didn't quite match up. But today, to my relief, I realised that I had been solving the wrong polynomial. I had been working with 0.5 instead of 0.05 (easy mistake to make I guess) hence why the root I had was giving me a weird result. The ironic thing is, that today when I needed Matlab to work the roots out again (it's a 20th order polynomial) I couldn't access it! Serves me right, for being so mean to it, but that's where my graphical calculator reminded me why I love it so much. Erm I mean, why I'm fond of it! I drew the graph of the polynomial, which took ages and proceeded to get the root. And what do you know- it gave me a nice answer! The report is meant be 4-6 pages, but I use 1.5 line spacing so I guess 8 pages sounds reasonable. You see I have a problem which is that I have to type all my courseworks up. Writing them by hand is less time consuming, but firstly my writing isn't particularly neat and I also don't possess tip-ex. ;) It's taking me ages to complete it because of my determination to type it. (I'll probably be typing the sequence and series one as well- when I do it!)

So that's basically all I've done today. I finished my Calculus homework (with thanks to Sir Anonymous!), tried to do Question 5 of the Linear Algebra homework- realised I could do it but needed the answer from question 3, but I've handed that in so I was too lazy to do it all again. Erm, finally finished Nature's Numbers (will write more about that some other time!), found my college Mechanics file, took a few random pictures (wait for them), drank a lot of tea, went out for a bit (with the annoying person :\) and some other stuff (which I can't remember because it possibly could be nothing ;)). The only thing that I haven't done this weekend is sequence and series. I want to do example sheet 2 before doing the coursework, and before I can do example sheet two I've got to understand the maths behind it. I suppose I'm getting better at completing my 'to do list', but I've yet to hit the right level which I should be on.

Well my 'break' is nearly up, but before I do end it I might as well share the 'random' pictures I took. Nothing to get excited over I'm afraid. Anyway, supposedly the weather is going to be pretty severe this coming week- I can't believe I'm saying this, but I hope it doesn't snow till after the end of this week. I must be selfish and think about myself in this instance, since if it did snow life would be made difficult for me in terms of commuting! (That's twice I've been 'sad' today!)

I took a few pictures, of 'looking outside' but not quite looking:
Wow, I was doing two things at once- should we be worried!
And one more, 'for luck' I suppose and to show how badly the weather has been behaving today!
(Seems to have been a lot of erming in this post, so I'll 'erm away' at the report now!)


egm said...

After an excellent biking weather day on Tuesday we got snow Friday. How nice! I can't wait for when we'll have snow-free weather for days on end!

It's called Hallmark Holidays.

Them silly mistakes can trip you up bad. I am currently working through this book, and once or twice I mixed up conjunctions and disjunctions, giving me weird results. On checking my work carefully, I was able to get my mistake and correct it. Slowing down when working on problems and really understanding them first before tackling them saves you so much pain!

beans said...

You see normally my mouth would fly open after reading the no snow comment, but since I myself am praying for it to 'not' snow this week I can't exactly say much!

But the weird thing is that when you get into the mood of doing something, something always goes wrong. (I tend to have a kick up in the garden most days, and when I decided to do 100 kicks up a day, it rained for the rest of the bleeding week!)

Meh, thanks for the link. They have to make holiday out of everything nowadays. Although I may have egg on my face this time around. I told my mum that she shouldn't be 'valued' on one day of the year, but rather every day. Now she expects a present everyday!!! Any ideas on what I can get her everyday? (I was thinking of getting her a grape for everyday of the year, in that way I won't be straining my bank balance and she'll be happy :p )

Slowing down also takes up quite a bit of time as well! But the thing is that once you get a little bit, you get excited so make mistakes. (me anyway)

/woo long comment! :D

beans said...

BTW forgot to ask, is that book any good? (Now that I have money, I wouldn't mind buying a book :p :o)

Would you recommened it?

egm said...

I can't say just yet. I am only halfway through chapter 1 (the distractions have kept me from focusing on the book!). I hope to focus on just mathematics this week and not much on the blog like I did last week. I'll let you know how it is as I get further into it. I also got this one which I am working on at the same time to get a different perspective.

beans said...

Thanks, and I know what you mean about distrctions! I'm really just waiting for the easter holiday's so I can straighten myself out then!

Oh yes, I have that one. We had to buy it for our first semester module 'Number's, set's and functions.'

I've been 'drafting' a review on it, but can't seem to complete it. I can't remember how'd I'd rate it, but more than 7/10 I suppose. It was a good book to have as well as my notes. Like the author of the book said, there's always an issue on how much information should be given in proofs, that's why I preferred using it as an alternative guide.

Part I was pretty good, I like the way of structuring the proofs.(Goal thingy boxes). Part II was semi-ok, but I HATED part III (not the content of the book, but the topics concerned! Never really got it!) But part IV- I loved the topic.

(OK I'll shut up and find time to complete the actuall review I was writing on it! :o I'd recommend it though)