Saturday, March 03, 2007

Maths and Football..

... the two greatest passions (/obsessions) in my life. Also, the two things in my life which can cause me great distress for long periods at times, and which can also make me the most happiest person on the world (for a small period of time of course!). One I can control, the other, unfortunately is of oscillating nature.

Yes, you guessed right. I can't control what happens in a football game (unfortunately!), but I've learnt to lessen the impact of bad results! Apologies for the cryptic nature of this post, well it's not really cryptic, that word just sounded cool I guess! Today's game was Liverpool vs Manchester United! (We were playing away at Anfield!). Liverpool is always a tough game for us- always! I always watch the game with a guarded attitude, so if we lose I'd say to myself 'that was on the cards so it's ok!'. However, against Liverpool losing is out of the question! No matter how many times I say to myself that it'll be ok if lose, I know that it's not really okay if we lose to Liverpool! I don't mind losing to Chelsea for that matter (although I'll probably be saying something different when we play them!) but a draw or a win is the minimum requirement against Liverpool.

I don't even know any fans of Liverpool in University, but still losing is bad! So today as I watched United struggle against Liverpool, internally I was getting ready for the defeat. Liverpool were all over us. Seriously, they pressured us everywhere, had more shots, corners etc etc. I missed a chunk of the first half, but from what I was seeing a United win was definitely not on the cards, let alone a draw! What I can't understand is that when United play against teams not including Liverpool, Arsenal or Chelsea, they seem to dominate possession and the game. However, against Liverpool we looked average! We looked liked victims, being bullied off the ball! Yes, we might have had a chance here or there but we were living dangerously. *deep breath* As you can tell (hopefully), United won thanks to a goal in extra time! That was our only 'shot on goal' in the second half and we scored. Paul Scholes got sent off as well, if you're interested!

Enough of the football. Liverpool didn't deserve to lose, but we needed the three points to put the pressure on Chelsea, so I'm not complaining! The last times we've played against Liverpool I seem to remember goals being scored in the last few minutes. (Ferdinand's being one!) So such is the nature of football, that today I was ecstatic but most likely after we lose a game I'll come crashing down. I'm not sure whether it's such a good thing or not, but since I've started University and gone separate ways from my friends, my obsession for football has decreased dramatically! I used to watch the MOTD every Saturday night, but now I don't! I never get the chance, and since it comes on late I'm most likely doing work or sleeping! There are two reasons for this, the first being that I've got no one to talk with to discuss football like in college, and the second reason, because Maths has scored a hatrick in extra time!

Yep, maths is probably the main reason behind football falling behind (being relegated ;) ). I'm sorry but I forgot to mention that if you don't like football then skip to this paragraph! So if you've had to suffer my ramblings on football, then at least you've had the experience of suffering it! (That sounded better in my head!).

So what's so special about maths, is the question which is begging to be asked! Well for one, I can control how much happiness (note: maths haters stop reading!) I get out of the subject. For instance, you all may already know about how much sequence and series has really been stressing me out. However, since I've got my butt into gear (thanks to some readers :)), I've actually started understanding some concepts, which brings me great pleasure!! This may be momentarily as well, since I may then stumble across another hurdle! (most likely, since I've already started another list of questions for the example class!) but I have the power to get these resolved! It's in my hands to sort it out- not Alex Ferguson's, or his teams hands, but mine!

Questions that I can't do, like the current problem sheet on calculus (damn Oscillations :@) makes me mad. However it's like one big cycle, today I'm mad, but hopefully tomorrow or whenever I dig the answer out I'll be over the moon. I'm probably sounding confusing and going round in circles myself, but that's because I've watched Godzilla today which has knocked me off balance! (seriously when we were small, we were so happy when he died in the end, but today I was 'upset' *sniff*!) :p.

I seem to have stopped typing for five minutes to think about this. The product of my thought is that you get consumed by maths just to obtain that euphoria of understanding something or doing something correct! It becomes an obsession, a way of life! (gosh, I'm sounding like a physco- really need to tone down on the hyperbole I guess!) But seriously, until you reach that feeling, you strive towards it! Since I've started doing a maths degree all the modules I do are maths ones. No Chemistry, Biology etc. Hence there's nothing to balance this obsession with 'obtaining the euphoria'. I don't really mind 'doing maths' but this seems to have created an unbalance in things, which still needs to be repaired!

I don't really know how to conclude this post, but maybe I've answered the question which people seem to ask me about 'why maths?. I try to explain to them that I'm not genius, I'm just an average, thick kid in the class who likes maths. Before I can explain why I like maths, they just shake their heads and laugh! I do maths because of that euphoria- it drives me to do more maths. It's like being blind and then being able to see. That's whats its like to understand something, to hear the click in your head! It'd be nice if I got stuff 'quicker' but where's the challenge and fun in that? Yes, it probably takes me longer, but it's still satisfying. And yes, I love maths!

(Once again, I blame the random post on Godzilla! Don't worry if you're afraid, I'll be back with some more, since even I'm left bewildered by it!)

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