Monday, March 05, 2007

It's that day of the week again!

Yes, it's Monday again!! Run for your lives- beans is out to get you! Well you can relax for about 2 hours, since I have a 2hr 'calculus and applications' lecture in a few minutes! Note the less enthusiastic way in which I say this- purely because we are doing mechanicy stuff I'm afraid! I don't mind drawing oscillations, but the theory and application of them goes whoosh over my head!

Obviously I'm suffering from lack of sleep (like always!) but today not only am I tired (/semi-hyper!) I'm nervous as well! I know I shouldn't be, but I can't help it. During the weekend, like a fool, I checked my web mail all the time! Seriously, whenever I saw the computer free, I checked my web mail. Why? Because I thought we might get an email telling us about how we can get our exam results! I know I'm being stupid, but for some ridiculous reason I'm really worried about them! Obviously I don't want to fail, but they've dragged this out for way too long! So as you can imagine my weekend wasn't particularly great, hence my previous post! Even today, as soon as my supervision finished I came to my office to check my emails! (and post this as well, don't worry this will always come 'joint' first for the time being!' However, we haven't been told anything! I'm too worried to be angry! But seriously, why can't they get on with it! They've marked the damn papers as well!

I didn't do much on the weekend I'm afraid, apart from sequences and series :( I'm still 'confuddled' by it, but moving onto convergent sequences! Hurrah- slowly but surely it will click! I didn't manage to do the calculus homework, I just couldn't! (maybe if I put into a little bit more effort I could've written my rough incomplete working outs on paper and handed them in, but they just didn't make sense! Hmpf.

Ok, mini rant over! If you're still cowering behind your computer chair after yesterday's post, then I apologise! I was actually trying to annoy my sister yesterday, and that was a product of my amusement! She understood it fine, but obviously wasn't pleased! I must confess that I still find it highly amusing, but I have been brave today (mum's going to be proud!) and come out of hiding! If you don't understand it, then you may consider yourself to be lucky. However, if you want an explanation don't hesitate to ask!

So Calculus time, and I think today it's Dr Heil's last lecture with us *sniff* Now I won't ever get a chance to get a quid from him! :p The wait for the result continues...


egm said...

That's a long time to wait for results! For us, the course grade had to be out the Tuesday after exam week, so you can be sure what the professors were busy doing the weekend after exams. You should complain about it being cruel and unusual punishment.

Yup, I was befuddled, absolute about what? And who are you hiding from?

beans said...

I understand that they had loads of papers to mark (2nd year students papers as well) and then they have to put them onto the system etc etc but I'd have preferred been told an exact date. I'm probably the only nervous wreck that was out there, so complaining would have been of no use! (thats what this blog is for :p)

(I think the problem was that they had a technical issue. Before the merger both universities did it differently so they have to accomodate that now as well!) They were marked before the end of February (if I recall correctly).

Well the absolute value of a number basically takes the number and ignores its sign. So in other words, the 'positive' value of a number, is it's absolute value! This link might me more useful:

(Maybe I should go back into hiding for the time being! :p I was hiding from all those who didn't find it particularly amazing and wanted my head! Don't be surprised- you get some mathematicians like that! :D )

egm said...

I do know what is meant by the absolute value of a number. What I don't understand is how that relates to anything in the post.

beans said...

Oops sorry :o :o

(I just thought it was a cooler way of asking someone whether they're positive about something! I tend to bring maths into a lot of things unforunately, and yesterday was one of them days!)

At least you know what to answer when someone asks you whether you're absolute! Imagine the weird looks you'll get if someone doesn't understand what you're saying :D (don't mean to be freaky! but I'll probably be the only one saying it!!)

(hence the reason for me hiding!)