Sunday, March 18, 2007

Good Morning!

Don't be suprised to find me in a chirpy mood! Going to keep this short, but I thought I'd share with you what has me laughing my head of!

Check this post out on Alexandre Borovik's blog. It's about a book review by someone on the book Abstract Algebra! Yes, that explains my good mood, seriously read the comments, they just crack me up!! :D

What it has taught me: watch out for chapter 0's.

So y'all have a nice day! (Been watching to much disney channel. :o) I'll be back. :D


egm said...

I knew there was something the matter with them books having chapter 0'! For the longest time I couldn't put my finger to it, but now I have been given evidence!

That was indeed a funny site. Craziness galore.

beans said...

Lol, ah well now you know to watch out for them! Just what the doctor ordered I think! :D

Aside{The thing that used to confuse me was whether 0 is a natural number (is still kinda does)! Now the author of this book is probably one who believe's it is, maybe that's why they started with a chapter 0?

Also why can't it be decided whether or not 0 is a natural number? Natural numbers= counting numbers don't they? You don't start counting how many fingers you have from 0 do you? Ha, next time someone asks me how many fingers I have, I will respond by 7 fingers and 1 thumb if they're intersted:D

(I'm ranting about this because in some text books it includes zero, but in other books (and my notes!) it isn't included)}

egm said...

There are quite a number of books that do start at chapter 0, with that, in most cases, being an introductory chapter. A sample of these...

All the Mathematics You Missed
The Man Who Loved Only Numbers
The Standard C Library
Digital Logic Circuit Analysis & Design

beans said...

They probably think that writing 'prolouge' isn't enough or 'introduction'. Or maybe it's there for completeness? :D (or cos they reckon 0 is a natural number) What's the matter with 'The Man Who Only Loved Numbers?' :D :p

(Yes, I'm chatting waffles again- it's 2am and I've finally finished the coursework! Yipppee, found another mistake which was messing my results up as well. Just need to print the graph of at uni. Tomorrow is definitely going to be a typical Monday :D

But seriously I'm not seeing things the way I should, my browser seems to be a different language! It says '3 Kommentare- Ursprunglichen Post anzeigen', 'hat gesagt', 'Hinterlassen Sie Ihren Kommentar' to name but a few words! Tell me I'm not seeing things!)

egm said...

Wow you are up late! Until your browser is speaking to you in German? :) You must have gone to the German blogger. I remember during my stopover in Zurich on my way back from home I got onto blogger, and everything was in German. Lost a post I was typing up cause I clicked on the wrong button (my high school German teacher probably choked on her tea at that instant somewhere in the world).

Jake said...

The thing that used to confuse me was whether 0 is a natural number (is still kinda does)!

The thing is that it doesn't really matter as long as you know the convention that the book you are reading is following because after all it is only a convention. Both are convenient for different things and as long as the book states whether 0 is included or not, you should be ok.

beans said...

egm: yes it was one of them days! I'd got all the answers on papers, but typing it up was a pain!

So it was German was it? I was going to guess German, but thought for a change before posting :p. I don't know what I did, but I was certainly suprised! (bad browser)

Haha, and don't you hate it when you lose posts! It's happened to me twice, and I couldn't be bothered writing it all out again. I never did German, hence my confusion. :D (You should check to see if she's recovered ;) )

beans said...


I do tend to follow the convention of the book, but it sometimes conflicts with my notes. But what do you reckon, is 0 a natural number?

egm said...

According to mathworld, 0 isn't a natural number (they say it is unfortunate to be sometimes included in the set of natural numbers). They advocate use of terms highlighted there to take away from the ambiguity of use of natural numbers (so 0 would be part of the non-negative integers, but not of the positive integers...).

beans said...

Wiki says something along them lines as well.

I will mull over it some more, although it doesn't really require that! So there goes my plan of saying I have 7 fingers :p