Monday, March 12, 2007

Dr Who?

Will expand more on this post tomorrow (possibly) but I would like your comments and opinions on these two pictures. Any similarities, or is it just me? (Come on, there is something similar in a good way of course, admit it :p )

A) B)

So who is the real Dr Who? You decide!


Anonymous said... do know that your blog address is well known to your first-year lecturers?


beans said...

It is?!! (I thought Craig said they were too busy to be reading blogs!!)

How do you know? Crap, you've got me worried now! I'm guessing this is not a joke? They could have at least said hi!:o

(Well if I've written anything offensive, I do apologise. Please don't sue me!)

beans said...

BTW, I didn't mean the comparison in a not nice way. (You probably know the lecturer, so maybe you could mention Dr Who on the low down and let me know whether he doesn't like it!)

Dr Who is cool => ?

:p (It was meant be a compliment I guess.)

Jake said...

I guess the best course of action is to refer to Dr. X and Prof. Y etc.

I suppose if you want your lecturers/fellow students to preserve your anonymity it is only fair that you should also preserve theirs; even if you only have positive things to say about them.

As an example, if one of your lecturers' collegues were to make a web search to try and find one of your lecturers' homepage for example; it is conceivable that they may find the blog entries.

beans said...

Yeah, I've been doing that recently like Prof S. But I think it'd be obvious who I was talking about, because I only have certain lecturers!

Yeah, Steve said that as well, and I think it's a fair point. I have adopted names like the Tweenies for my friends, but I don't think that's possible for the lecturers I have since they'd know :p (and I riks offending them!)

It's ok though, I have an idea!