Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Blah Blah Blah...

I was very disciplined in the previous post, and stuck an agenda! Cool. (ok maybe not really). But I'd thought that for my own sake I might as well, comment on a few things that happened today!

I really feel for Dr Yuan. Only 70ish people turned up to the Workshop lecture today. I know that most days I sometimes zone out, but today I was determined not to. And well I learnt something today! My pet hate used to be stats and Matlab, which was my excuse for 'zoning' out. However, since doing the stats coursework I no longer 'hate' Matlab. I'm obviously going to be saying otherwise after our second coursework, but once you've got to know the damn thing, it's not too bad. (ain't I so nice!) My frustration was probably because I couldn't use it, and I like being able to 'master' computer software. Better stop before I get ahead of myself, but I know how to plot stuff now! *crawls back into hole*. I can't really comment on the people that don't go, it's their problem. But if you do go, and then read the 'Closer' magazine throughout, are you any different to someone who doesn't go?

Once again my bag was 6kgs, because I had taken two sequence and series books, and 'letters....' to read whilst commuting. Once again, I didn't use them books. Maybe I should learn from this and not take the damn books!!! Heavy bag= not always good!

My calculus supervision was good as well. I really like my supervisor. He's them type of people that, no matter how stupid your question is, you'll ask him. (although I didn't get him to check whether my proof was correct because I thought it was stupid!). But if he's doing a question on the board, he's 'got the power'. I do tend talk to myself a lot during his supervisions, but I think he's got used to that by now! Normally after my supervision I go get some food and catch up with the Tweenies. Today I decided to, once again implement my plan of studying at uni. I headed to the mss building to print the example sheet of first. I was probably there for 15 minutes when the Tweenies summoned me! :D I didn't mind this since I had done some Matlab stuff in this time, but I couldn't help but feel that I wanted to do more. Anyway as I headed towards them I 'implemented' another plan that I said I had in mind on Friday. Although I haven't driven home this plan, I'm working on it!

Had a weird question but was considered too weird by my editor (ahem me!) so 'we' scrapped it! Anyway, I tried to get away again, but once again was unsuccessful. Then it was the Linear Algebra lecture. All I'm going to say is that Prof S. was so close to chucking someone out today!! Wow, it was intense. But, because of this person distracting him all the time he didn't manage to talk about some property in more detail. This ticked me off. So, after my initial sharp intake of breath when he'd told the person in question what he would have done, I was thinking maybe if they'd been chucked out straight away then we wouldn't have the continuous distraction. Sigh. Trust me, it's hard to concentrate in lecturers, but it's so easy to get distracted by stupid, small things! People that talk don't help. Prof S is cool! :D

What I have managed to do is the coursework for tomorrow. Just need to type the damn thing up now! Although I'm probably going to the only person doing this, but I can't help it.

An aside: Why do I find that I respect people who do there jobs with integrity. Say the bus driver. I have a bus pass so he has to check that it's valid. Some drivers just see the photo card thing and nod their heads. Others make sure that they check the dates properly and then let me on. Now I don't really care about the ones who just nod their head, but the ones who properly check it have my respect. I can't explain why! I just feel that if you're doing 'a' job then you should do it to the best you can, and should do it properly. No slacking so to speak. Another example is being the banker in monopoly. I used to be the bankers most times when we played, however I can honestly say that I never ever took money out of the bank and put it into my own hand. Never. I know it's a game, but I was trusted to be the banker, therefore I could not steal of the bank! (although this didn't apply to everyone :p )

It's been a weird day today, but I'm slowly getting my focus back. No sense in thinking about what I haven't done, but rather what I will hopefully do. I walked up the stairs again today, and once again in about 3.5 minutes! Have to wait for my Dad to get back so I can type the coursework up now!

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