Friday, March 09, 2007

Badly behaved blog!

This morning I woke up at some weird time (6am to be precise!), having just dreamt about vectors, scalars and Linear Algebra! Would you classify this as a nightmare, or is this every mathematician's dream?! In my case it was more of a nightmare! I had to hand in my Linear Algebra homework today, but it was two pieces of homework (one from the previous lecturer and the other from the new one!). I'd had a quick look at the questions before and they'd looked do-able (apart from the proof!). So I obviously left it till last minute thinking that I'd be able to complete it and hand it in on time! However, yesterday had been an exhausting day and my thinking cap hadn't been switched on, so I'd devised a plan!

You know how it goes, in your head you plan it all so nicely. Everything has it's own place and everything works out perfectly. My plan was to wake up at 7am, complete the questions from Dr Eccles sheet. Then, obviously after finishing the two questions, which in my plan would have taken about an hour only (matrix questions tend to be long!), I'd get ready for my lectures. After the three hour slot of lectures we have one hour free, here I was going to do the second part of the homework. I'd complete this before 2ish (i.e the next lecture) hand it in and go to the last lecture, then the example class. Sounds so complete doesn't it?

As you can imagine the complete opposite happened! After my nightmare, I obviously turned over and went back to sleep! However when my alarm clock went of at seven, the erm... snooze button erm... well it was just there! I couldn't help myself, I was still slightly shaken from the nightmare! I woke up a while later and after obviously shouting at the alarm clock I decided to head into uni. slightly earlier today. This way I could print of the second homework (somehow I'd misplaced it!) and get started on the first bit. So in the mss building I managed to do the first question of the first homework! After looking at the second question I realised that today was not going to be an easy day! I couldn't do it straight away and needed the book (which I had brought with me today!), but it'd require more time. Hence, I decided to print of the questions for the second homework.

Now this explains the title. You can't expect me to go on the Internet and
not check my emails, can you!! So I checked my emails, and in my excitement at people posting comments I got sidetracked! If my replies today haven't been making much sense, I apologise! So I replied away, browsed away, googled away. Well you get the picture, until I realised that I hadn't printed of the questions! I can't remember the time but once again I was pushing it, since my lecture was in the Schuster building! I quickly printed of the sheet, and after a battle with the printer headed towards the lecture. I soon realised that I was never going to make it on time, and at this time I happened to walk past a bus stop! :D Haha, you guessed it! I decided to wait two minutes for the bus (which I know would drop me off near the lecture room!). The bus didn't come in them two minutes, but whilst I'd been waiting at the stop another maths student on the opposite side of the road, also rushing to the lecture spotted me! I gave him a nervous smile, put my head down and headed for the lecture!

That also made me laugh. Loudly- unfortunately for the other pedestrians! So after cursing the bus for not being there, myself for laughing loudly, and my bag for being heavy I decided that I was never going to make it on time! (Which allowed me to relax slightly!) My bag was even heavier today because of the darn Linear Algebra book, but whenever I walk fast my shins start hurting like mad! I don't like walking slowly and always walk at a constant pace which has me huffing and puffing. But when I further accelerate my speed (like most days this week!) I always find that my shins stop me from continuing at that pace! (Some dude overtook me today! *sniff*)

Grrr, enough of that! I got to my lecture slightly late but thankfully it hadn't started due to 'technical difficulties' (the OHP!). Today we had the new calculus lecturer who will teaching us mechanics and other stuff I guess! He seemed like a cool guy. But it was mechanics! Bahh! It was mostly definitions today and I've heard most of them before, but worryingly the example left me slightly confused! However, I'm glad that he's starting mechanics from fresh, since although I did some at college I don't seem to remember it very well.

Obviously during the 10 minute break we had after the first hour I did the Linear Algebra homework! Although all I managed to write down was, 'we must find the null space of ...'! Yes, I'm easily distracted! (people sometimes take advantage of this!) The main reason for this distraction was that Jake had got his results, and Bella wanted to know mine! They asked me whether I'd got my results, I'd replied by 'yeah, I passed.' Full stop. But that wasn't enough for them! 'What did you get in your modules then? How did you do?' (Bella!) 'erm, does it matter? I passed!!' (me!). This continued for a while until they realised that they weren't getting anything else out of me! Milo just sat back and laughed (since he's the only one who knows my marks!). This got me thinking (as always) about whats wrong with saying that I passed! Bella wasn't too happy about my answer, but does it really matter how much I passed by? What's important is that I passed! Anyway, we've all passed and Bella did brilliantly as did the rest. Don't know what Panya got, since he didn't really care and well I don't really care as well!

You've probably realised that I wasn't getting far with my homework! I didn't get a chance to do it in the Linear Algebra lecture, since I was busy copying out stuff from the board (oh yeah!) but if you're from the Uni. of Manchester vote for Graeme Smith in the election thingies (if you want to!). He had thirty seconds before our lecture to convince us to vote for him and since he bothered to talk to us and because he's also got the same name as South Africa's cricket teams captain, he's got my vote! Although this time round, since I've not really involved myself in the student union, I can't really care who wins and what happens! (that's why I'm helping his campaign ;) ).

After Linear Algebra we got some lunch, and then I was back in the mss building trying to complete my homework! I was getting somewhere now, and after noticing a typo from a question I was on the roll. Until 2pm that is! Yes, it was 2pm. Time to hand in my work. But it's not complete I cried! Tough! I decided to speak to my supervisor about this, and we seemed to compromise that I should try and hand it in before 4pm today! That wasn't a problem! So during the sequence and series lecture, I
did my homework and copied of the board, and tried to listen! I must say that we never seem to finish a sequence and series lecture on time! We always seem to be let out 10 minutes early most of the time! Which was the case today! (Don't worry I followed the bit about the least upper bound and the supremum, but the proof was a bit dodgy! wow, I multi tasked- should I be worried!).

I still hadn't managed to finish the homework, so the example class was my final chance! Don't worry, I came through in the end! At 3:30pm, I hurried out of the example class (with permission of course!) and went to hand my work in! Can't believe it took me an eternity, but wow I finished it! Hopefully I can sleep peacefully tonight!

I didn't do sequence and series during the example class, but in my defence I'd done some on Wednesday! But for some reason, it's Friday 3pm-4pm, but I'm always alive and hyper during them! It's a great way to end my Friday's since the alternative would be the sequence and series lecture! The post grad student is cool! I'm going to put a recommendation for her if she decides to become a lecturer! ;) She even helped me with my Linear Algebra homework!

So the lesson I learnt today- don't under estimate freaking matrices!! And plans that work nicely in the head, are really not going to work- ever!! And never ever take the Linear Algebra book with me! 5kg bag is not good- it's either the book or everything else I carry! (food, folder etc!)

Alas I must confess, I'm already forming another one of these 'great' plans in my head already! I'm going to make another post after this, which only has a to do list. That post is going to remind what I have to do whenever I dare to think about checking this blog. A day without a post is unimaginable! (yes I'm an addict!) so I'll surely post, no matter how small the content! But this weekend I really can no longer slack. I've had the Friday off, so that leaves me with no excuses! But remember, this plan is one of the above type so I think we already know what to expect!! (oh I just noticed the alliteration in the post title- sweet!)


Jake said...

This morning I woke up at some weird time (6am to be precise!), having just dreamt about vectors, scalars and Linear Algebra! Would you classify this as a nightmare, or is this every mathematician's dream?!

This made me laugh; it reminded me of a similar experience I had recently. I was studying Linear Algebra quite late one night and when I woke up the next morning, I was slightly groggy from the lack of sleep and still half dreaming. When I looked at my clock I panicked as for some reason, in my half asleep state, I felt sure that the clock display was showing a quadratic form and to work out what time it was I needed to diagonalise it with a non-singular change of variable!

beans said...

Ha! I must confess that's not the first time thats happened to me! It happened a lot whilst I was revising for my exams during December! I used to half wake up, but then think that I couldn't get out of bed until I 'solved' the problem that I was semi-dreaming off!! (It's embarrasing when someone wakes you up and you say 'no I can't I need to finish the question! :o )

hehe, I'm glad I'm not the only one that it's happened to! (I see that Linear Algebra is the common link here, I'm smelling something fishy!)

Anonymous said...

Please use fewer exclamation marks.

That is all.

Have a nice day.

beans said...


Well I'm glad that I wasn't the only person who noticed. (I was going to write a post with the title '!!!')

I've just counted the number of exclamation marks in this post and theres about 76 of them. I just can't help it I'm afraid. It's taking a lot of self control to not use one in this reply, but I shall resist.

Thanks for pointing it out to me, I'll erm see if there's anything that can be done about it. (No promises, I just don't know why I always use them.)

You too. :)

egm said...

Saturday morning I woke up from a dream that I was in a project status meeting at work where I had to give a presentation on tasks carried out thus far. Needless to say that made for an interesting sleep. That's not the first time it's happened though!

beans said...

I nearly missed this comment! (whilst I'm on my ickle break ~shifty look~)

The weird thing is how everything makes perfect sense in your dream, and when you wake up it doesn't! So you spend ages trying to remember the actual dream.

So this is a common thing I believe, exam time it's much worse for me. But it makes an interesting nights sleep. (What more could a person ever want but to dream about maths as well :D )

BTW Anon, I've realised that I use exclamation marks a lot, since I tend to write stuff the way I speak it! (haha sorry couldn't resist that) I realise my English isn't particulary good, but taking the exclamation marks takes away me from the writing. (I did go overboard in this post, but a full stop just doesn't seem appropriate :o )

Anyway, there's nothing wrong in wanting to improve my English so I'll try to control myself!(oops.) (but thanks for pointing it out)