Monday, February 26, 2007

Bloody (well nearly!) Monday!

Maybe I should be sleeping at this moment, or be in the process of getting up. I don't have a 9am lecture, so why am I up! It's probably pointless in being 'mysterious' about this, but I had to be in at 9am to hand my work in because I said I would! I even got up early today, and managed to have breakfast, and have I mentioned how much I love my mum! I've got lunch for today as well! I managed to complete the questions apart from the stinking proof, and so went to sleep at 1:30am this morning. I was going to write 'last night' but can you call 1:30 in the morning night? I wasn't hit by a moment of genius, and I just couldn't formulate the proof, from the definitions. Well have the supervision today so hopefully that'll help!

Unfortunately I'm not sitting in my office because it's locked! (And no I don't carry the keys to my office with me ;) ) so I'm in some other room googling about Oiler (Euler). I wrote it like that since I didn't know how to pronounce it at first, so I'm being helpful! We may not have a report to type up, but this morning as I checked my emails I my heart started beating faster! We have to do a presentation tomorrow on a famous mathematician. And how original our group has elected to do Euler! I mustn't grumble, because although I did object, I hadn't exactly provided an alternative (well would Bertrand Russell be classified as one!). The duh thing is that, most groups are doing Euler, and most of us already know about him, so the presentation is going to be pretty dull before it's started!

Since reading egm's review about the book 'the man who only loved numbers' I wouldn't mind doing the report on Paul Erdos. He's someone who most students probably haven't heard of, and come on, the guy was great! I'm not taking any credit from Euler, apart from hating him for his method of solving differential equations, but Erdos vs Euler, you decide!

This computer room isn't particularly like my office, but it's allowed me to recover from the 'Monday morning madness'! Since today was my first time this semester that I had to be in for 9, boy was I shocked! Maybe I wasn't the only person who had to be in for 9am, maybe today everyone had to be in for 9am! I've never seen it so packed in my life! (Ok, maybe once before, but today was shocking!).

So whats so bloody about it, I hear you ask! (Well I might have heard a small whisper!). Before I start being dramatic again, I'd like to publicly apologise to the girl on the bus. Girl on the bus, you could see that lower floor of the bus was packed out - there was no room for anyone downstairs. The upstairs was marginally empty yet you stood downstairs with your friends making it impossible for people to get off or on a bus which was already past its maximum load. I've lost count of the number of friends you had, but I apologise for my bag's atrocious behaviour towards you in the bus. It didn't intentionally hit you in the face! You were just there, and well it had to get of the bus and the only way that it could get of the bus was through your face! So I apologise on behalf of my bag. My bag is in no mood to apologise, and the silly idiot is upset that there was no blood! Don't worry, I am punishing it, but if your Monday morning turns out to be bruised blame it on the bag!

Since that is out of the way, I must also say that as I jumped of the bus for freedom (after apologising of course), a sharp uncontrollable laugh escaped me! So I walked to the lamb building with a big grin on my face, thankfully no one was around to give me the weirdo look! I'm disregarding the laugh for the moment (until I meet my friends!), since this is meant to be a public apology and it may end up sounding like it's not! So yes, my bag is extremely sorry!

However, I can think of a few other people that I'd rather have been there instead of that girl ;) ;)

Bloods nearly been shed today, tears are to probably to come and then hopefully JOY!


egm said...

A presentation on a mathematician, eh? Glad I could be of inspirational assistance! Here is a site that might be of help. It also includes a link to other useful sites.

Don't you just hate it when people stand at the door of the bus, or at the front when there is so much space at the back?? That's a major peeve of mine.

Steve said...

If it were me I'd choose Sophie Germain. Germain primes, important in proving Fermat's Last Theorem, are named after her.

This is what I once wrote about her:

Sophie Germain (1776 - 1831) was inspired by reading about the death of Archimedes. He was so absorbed in a geometry problem that he didn't do as a Roman soldier demanded and was killed. Sophie decided that mathematics must be an amazing subject for anyone to be so immersed in it that they couldn't sense danger. She taught herself Latin and Greek and because her parents opposed her interest in mathematics (in their eyes it was not a subject suitable for a thirteen-year-old girl), she read Newton and Euler secretly at night.

As a woman she was denied prizes for solving mathematical problems, so she often had to pretend to be a man in order to carry on her research. She corresponded with the distinguished mathematician Gauss and helped save his life when Napoleon invaded his home town.

She made significant advances on Fermat's Last Theorem and is one of the few female mathematicians well-known in the mathematical community (the most well-known being Emmy Noether).

There's more at the sites egm has linked to.

egm said...

I have to concur, Sophie is a remarkable woman. She is mentioned in the book on Erdos, which is where I first became aware of her contribution to mathematics.

As you point out, everyone is doing Euler, so why not go out and do something different? That way, you won't be bored, and you'll teach your fellow students something new, hopefully keeping their attention while at it!

beans said...

I'm still at university at the moment, and my normal seat where no one can see my screen has been taken! (I bet no one else has to suffer this treatment in their own office ;) ) so I will reply properly when I get the chance, but I'd just like to say that there is not time to change who we're doing it on! The organization has been pretty crap, since theres no communication between the group- we only ever get to bump into each other during lectures (tried emailing them all to meet up, but didn't work out). Also some students think that its only 5 marks, so why bother!

Today we were supposed to meet up to go over whats happening tomorrow, but only 5 of the group members turned up! I'm not sure which of them are actually going to turn up tomorrow, so I'm afraid Euler it is!

beans said...


Yeah, a presentation on mathematicians! I was thinking of doing it on the lecturer, so she might give us full marks, but that was a risk the group wasn't willing to take! :p (Another suggestion was doing it ourselves-requires no research, and we 'may' be famous one day! watch this space :D )Thanks for the link.

If they're getting of at the next stop then thats fine, but if they're just standing there for no reason whatsoever then grrr! It happens on the trains a lot too! People don't move down the carriages to make room for others, but just stand by the door!

beans said...

because her parents opposed her interest in mathematics I see some things still haven't changed! :p

I'd never heard of her before, pretty impressive life she had. Although it's a shame she had to pretend to be a man, but she did what she had to do.

It's a shame that we don't have another week for this. That's the problem with group work sometimes. If this was a individual presentation then I could change my mind right now, and it won't affect anyone else. Ah well, it's only 5 marks right?!

egm said...

Ha, good one! I hadn't connected the bit bout Sophie's parents being against her doing maths and your situation!

Group work is always challenging. If you have the best group members, the experience is great. If not, ... best left unsaid!

beans said...

Thankfully it's just my dad! :p (i know where he's coming from but I should be allowed to make my own mistakes I guess?)

Yeah, I like group work, meeting new people and interacting with them is fun! I've gotten to know quite a few more people on my course because of this module. although its only a 'hey' thing or a smile when you see them it's cool.

And once again you're right about group members! I try to make an effort to get to know all their names, and to get to know them but in my first semester group all we did was swear at the course and try to get out ASAP! (this semester I don't mind the course and dont mind staying till 5pm!)

In regards to the presentation and my current group, I have just received an email from one group member who was supposed to speak about Euler's influence in maths. Now she only sent it to me, so does that mean I have to do that!! If we had been given a timetable session where we could meet up and discuss this, it would have been great! It's hard work trying to contact everyone to meet up!

(also just heard the news that one group might not turn up at all!!)