Monday, February 26, 2007

Bloody Monday II

So after my run in with the girl in the bus, you'd think that it couldn't possibly get any worse! Well it sort of did! There was no blood, so I guess that's something positive, but as I made a quick dash out of the lecture room I pushed the door against someones hand! Ouch. I didn't know she was there honestly! I'm not out to get everyone who comes in my way! This time my bad wasn't even there! So public apology II to the girl whose hand I hurt. It was an accident, they happen, life moves on I'm sorry.

Decided to keep this one nice and short! Calculus was extremely 'dull' today. Well I guess the applied mathematicians enjoyed it, but there was too much theory about damped systems, external forces, etc etc flying around! I did my best to keep on track, but at times my brain failed me. I did say before that I'd rather not be given recipes for stuff, but today was a day when a recipe would have been great! Recipes in mechanics are fine by me! As always Dr Heil was his fun self, and he nearly made the mistake of offering money again (stopped himself in time! :p ), but I don't think that I was the only one supported a puzzled face. No example sheet has gone up on the Internet, which makes me wonder are we doing mechanics for fun! I hope not!

However, I must say that I chuckled to myself when I read 'QED' on one of the slides! If you can't be bothered following that link and searching for the bit I had in mind (which might take a while) then I shall enlighten you. 'There's a joke that QED stands for quite easily done!'. (which wasn't the case for the info on the slide).

I have realised that I use the word 'so' a lot. I guess it just seems to follow.

You know the 'Monday morning' feeling? Well it seems that I wasn't the only one who had it today- most people had it! BTW, it's official even if its 3pm, you still blame Monday morning. I went to the Joule Library today, following the advice from a lecturer, to get books for analysis. The John Rylands Library probably has more maths books, but it's situated on Oxford Road, which I dislike. Also my lectures were at the UMIST campus, so it made sense to go to the Joule Library. I guess it wasn't the most sensible thing I've done in life, since seeing as my bag was already heavy I still decided to take 6 books out! Excuse the picture, the camera phone seems to be having an off day today as well! So most of these books are on analysis, but even though at the moment I only require about 20 pages of each book, I decided to bring them all home. Whether they turn out to be useful, only time will tell, but if I get stuck using one book, I tend to move to another etc.

Kitchen update: Work surfaces are now complete. Dish washer installed. Tiles remain to be fitted. Hurrah!

I was going to head off to bed now, but thankfully have remembered that I need to prepare for tomorrows presentation!

Oh and I shall leave with you a riddle(question/joke/ you decide!) nothing mathsy, so don't worry. Whilst dinner today, my ickle sister and brother were arguing and it was going to turn nasty- so to obviously try to divert there anger I tried the 'cats on the roof joke' on them! This calmed the tension down significantly, and when my Dad realised that it wasn't a joke that he was going to get he decided to say another one!

So, a man lives on the 9th floor of a building. Every morning he takes the lift to the ground floor and goes to work. However at five pm, when he returns to the building, he takes the lift up to the fourth floor and then walks to the 9th floor. Why does he do this? (i.e why take the lift down, but on the way up only take the lift to the fourth floor and walk the rest of the way.)

Unfortunately (!) it's nothing mathematical, so think outside the box ;) (or maybe you don't have to think because you already heard it before!)


egm said...

I see beans the electrician/builder will soon be out of a job with the kitchen all done!

Wow, warn me when I am near you not to get caught in your path of destruction! :)

I've heard that riddle before and no what the answer is, so I'll let others at it. Here's one for you (thanks to a blogmate who posted it last week): Whoever makes me sells me. Whoever buys me doesn't need me. Whoever needs me doesn't buy me. What am I?

beans said...

I think I spoke too soon! :( My mum now wants a new cooker (she's been saving up for a while!) and the one she has in mind is a gas and electric one! (The electric one needs something else!) Hmpf, lesson one: in my house don't celebrate anything!

Well, you've just got to watch out for me on Mondays when I've not had much sleep! I'm not normally like this! (honest!) And it wasn't intentional! (you might just escape without a scratch!)

haha I know this as well, shall I post the answer or leave the others guessing (if they do exist ;) )

beans said...

I'd forgotten to post the answer, but I'll it open till later tonight. (in case someone is still trying to work it out :D )

beans said...

OK, I think I have waited long enough!

The answer to the lift question is that the guy was too short to reach the button for the 9th floor on the panel! He could only reach the fourth floor button, so used to go to the 4th floor and then walk the rest of way. ~hides~

And the answer to the riddle that egm said is....*drum roll* a coffin! (or I hope it is!)