Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Real Introduction!

I just re-read my previous post, and I must agree it does me justice! (in terms of me being mad, that is!). Anyhow, I realised that introduction of my blog was in the last paragraph, so no one probably read it!

Therefore I will start fresh now and introduce my blog.

So the purpose of this blog is for me to download whatevers on my mind, mathematics or not, onto here. Don't know whether thats the brightest of ideas I've had in my life, but I'm guessing that I'll probably enjoy reading my blog in a few years so what the heck! I'm not much of a writer, as you may have already noticed my English is pretty poor. However the only think I care about at the moment, is how poor my maths is, but please feel free to comment on any errors, in a nice way of course!

So thats my short intro, but its not too the point I'm afraid, so heres why I'm blogging about maths. I find maths intrigues me and weird things, liking proving that there are infinitely many prime numbers, makes me happy! Yet I haven't seemed to find anyone else, who shares my love for maths. I have tried, but failed miserably and hence got the nickname 'freak' by family members. For instance, maths joke are hilarious. I won't hear a word against them! They make me laugh all the time, so as you see I love maths and want to improve my mathematics. I do tend to eat, sleep, talk, drink, eat... etc etc maths, which is not appreciated by normal people! Hence my blog allows me to escape the infidels and ramble about maths to myself I guess. I can't explain why I love maths, even though it stresses me out at times and I'm not a particularly great mathematician. I just love being called one!! You might think, that how could I have not met anyone like this since I'm doing a maths degree, hence hanging around with mathematicians. However, I'm afraid that I'm viewed as 'sad' by them people.

Not being to understand and do something in maths is frustating however it drives me to understand it. However, I've concluded that there are things that I will never get, induction for once!

Anyway, we'll leave the maths jargon for another post. If you do read this blog, hi, don't be scared! I'm really harmless, just need to be institutionilized! So I begin my blogging journey, without any idea of what I want to accomplish with it. What fun! But alas now I must hasten to my study, for I have a stats exam next Friday. Stats is the only maths (if you call it maths grrr) that I hate. It's nasty and evil and deserves to be sent to the pits. I haven't really paid attention to my lectures and only attended two example classes. Do I deserve to fail? (Rhetorical question btw!) I hope to God that I don't fail, I don't want to resit, this crappy module!! For the sake of passing, or attempting any revision, I will now cast my hate into the basement for a week! Hope it doesn't get too lonely down there!

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